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Hi, I've been using a 128gb memory stick with mp3 music format about 40 gb filled.

If you have filled around 40GB on your memory stick - is that 300-500 albums worth?  That's quite a lot.  So it's pretty good if that is manageable.

I am thinking of abandoning the idea of using a HDD (stereo system unlikely to be able to power it) and instead have three 64GB memory sticks, with say A-H artists on the first one, I-P artists on the second one and Q-Z artists on the third one. 

Perhaps use memory sticks of three different colours so I can easily find what I want? This sort of thing (but in 64GB size):

Do you think that is a viable set up?
Hi all,
I am Ziv, just a normal guy owns a GK3 Honda Jazz 2015 CVT. The model trim (here in Israel)is called Trend, not sure if in the UK you have the same trim names.

This model fitted with the CTBA (City-Brake Active System), but not with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSR).
Other trims - Comfort, Elegance (I don't know who choose the names...) - do come fitted with these systems as standard.
From looking at the top of the windshield I can tell that both cameras installed in my model.

I wanted to know, maybe you guys have this information - do the CTBA and the other systems use similar modules?
If so, maybe it is possible to activate these systems, possibly using HDS?

Ziv R.
Trims with LDW have an additional button on the left of the dash, where you should have the VSC button. So if you want to activate some software, you will also have to add the button, hoping that wirings are already installed.
Hi, When you switch on it comes up straight away as usb mode. only if switch it off in usb mode, All mine are tracks which i put into random mode. You could try setting 5 albums with 5 tracks in each 25 total and see how that works.
Hi, I've been using a 128gb memory stick with mp3 music format about 40 gb filled.
     using the steering radio controls for volume and skipping forward only, Have set radio
     button on random select.

When you first switch on, does it take a long time to scan the memory stick and show the tracks?
If you want to search for a particular album and track, is it difficult/slow to find it?
Hi there
I got this off eBay for £36 p+p
Itís a right hand drive model eBay item number is 163098464173 I hope this helps
Honda HR-V 2015- / Re: Rear Seat Belt Warning Screen
« Last post by JazzandJag on Today at 11:24:09 AM »
I have checked a few recent HR-Vs on the Honda Approved Used website and many are pictured displaying this screen. I therefore must conclude that it is the intended mode of operation.
They are definitely 4 wires. Go to  I rang them up 0121 459 8006 or you can email him/details on the website, and spoke to a Paul Earley who was really helpful and knew his stuff, he burst out laughing when I mentioned I was looking for lambda sensors, I didn't even complete my sentence and he asked whether it was for a Honda Jazz! And he also confirmed that ones for CVT and manual transmission was different. Good luck
New Members / Re: Bought a Jazz!
« Last post by culzean on Today at 11:04:43 AM »
Have you actually got a value for the parasitic drain current ? I know you said your meter went out of range but then you replaced batteries in the meter.

a boot light will draw 0.5amps
an aircon clutch relay sticking about 3 amps
heated screen over 10 amps

The fact that new battery lasted 3 to 4 days would point to a small drain representing something like boot or glovebox 5 watt bulb ( draining about 12 A/h per day from battery ),  as even the aircon relay ( 3 amps ) would easily drain battery in less than 12 hours.  Check interior lights in car with key out and doors closed,  would not be the first time a map light had been left on.
Local councils do need to be held to account, on top of council tax they get government money to look after roads - especially potholes, but if their 'duty of care' is anything like their handling of household waste no wonder there is a problem with potholes.  Most of the rubbish fly-tipped  and costing millions a year to clean up starts its life in the care of local authorities and is handed over to shonky fly by night contractors for disposal,  oh they dispose of it all right, down country lanes and in farmers fields - you used to be able to apply for a waste carrier / disposal licence online without even basic checks - and local authorities have been found handing over household waste collected by their binmen to contractors at ridiculously cheap prices for disposal.  Then the council tapayer has to pay all over again to get the fly-tipping cleared up.  If they handled the waste properly then fly tipping would drop 90% overnight and be the province of only builders rubble etc.     

It has not even been a bad winter and still potholes all over the place, with the roads nice and quiet now and many construction firms closed down it would be an ideal opportunity to fix potholes - but they will leave it to height of summer to close off roads and temporary traffic lights.
New Members / Re: Bought a Jazz!
« Last post by ianfiat on Today at 10:41:47 AM »
Wednesday (delivered) started ok
Thursday Flat battery
Charged over Friday (charger indicated full charge)
Saturday Started OK
Monday Flat battery
Wednesday fitted new battery
Thursday started OK
Friday started OK
Saturday started OK
Monday (today) Flat battery
Only used for short trips too (2 x 4 miles a day).
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