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I've been ranting about the Mk3's dashboard on another thread but, the other day, found another major improvement over the Mk 2. The light sensors work much better. On my Mk2 it would have to be dusk before the lights came on automatically - heavy rain and you'd have to put them on yourself. The Mk3 seems far better. Bad weather and the lights come on every time from my initial experience.
Yup. They still have that weird tendency to come on on bright cold days though. It's almost like it has logic that says if bright and temperature is less than 5 degrees then put lights on :-/
It's all about opinions.

Oh aye, perhaps I misunderstood what you wrote. I was only taking issue with the suggestion that the CC buttons were confusing and/or had changed. Those seem unchanged from the Mk2 and I like their simplicity.

The rest of the dash..yeah. I've several times now said that I don't think Honda did a very good job of it. The rev counter and speedometer are fine but a lot of things seem to have been stuck on wherever they could find space. Then there's daft things like the bright green LED on the (I think) traction control button. Thankfully my wheel position means it's mostly hidden but I know some on here find it distracting. And the idle stop button (which I don't use because I do like I/S) is down by the gear lever..presumably because they ran out of space on the dash.

And the whole infotainment idiocy. Poorly thought out UI. A daft warning to dismiss. And if you don't dismiss the warning the entire screen goes black except for the time displayed very dimly in the top right. And if you don't have CC switched off that means you have no visible clock except when the cabin is dark.

And the automatic wipers can no longer be left at one speed and forgotten. Sometimes trigger because condensation has got into the housing (which of course the wipers can do nothing about).

I've posted before that I felt at home in the Mk1 and Mk2 Jazz. I would describe myself as 'A Honda Jazz driver'. With the Mk3 I describe myself as 'Someone who drives a Honda Jazz'. I no longer feel like the car was designed around me. Overall it's a better car - but it lacks the thought and care that seemed to have gone into the previous versions.
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: Stiff steering and reduced self centering
« Last post by DamFit on March 20, 2018, 12:34:12 PM »
Thanks input so far!

Here's a dropbox link to a video i took to show you how it looks and sounds while turning the steering wheel with the car jacked up:

Regarding the alignment i got a report that says they corrected caster, camber and toe.
After the alignment the measurements are as follow:

Caster: 218' on front left and right.
Camber: 054' on front left and -006' on front right. -118' on rear left and -124' on rear right.
Toe: 003' on front left and right. 018' on rear left and 000' on rear right.

Does this look reasonable?

I did check for up/down side to side movement on each wheel and they seemed to be tight with no slack in any direction.

If the alignment looks ok, i guess i have to start with the strut bearings.
In this video it looks like they replace the strut mount without compressing the spring, but the strut bearing is maybe another part that will require the spring to be compressed before replaced?
This is my first car and I feel I'm learning a lot (and saving a lot of money!) by trying to do as much work as possible by myself. I did change the alternator recently and I'm wondering -  would you think that replacing the strut bearings is  more difficult than this operation?

All the best,
I've been ranting about the Mk3's dashboard on another thread but, the other day, found another major improvement over the Mk 2. The light sensors work much better. On my Mk2 it would have to be dusk before the lights came on automatically - heavy rain and you'd have to put them on yourself. The Mk3 seems far better. Bad weather and the lights come on every time from my initial experience.
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: MPG for those interested.
« Last post by peteo48 on March 20, 2018, 12:15:52 PM »
Glad to hear it. I think the combination of changing to a Mk3 AND to a CVT should help my mpg significantly. Stop/Start - given that I do a lot of driving in traffic - should also contribute.

It just mucks up the controls for the cruise.
Eh? You must have had a different Mk2 or be driving a different Mk3 to me. CC operates the same on both models. It's even the same as on the second generation Honda Civic Hybrid.

It's all about opinions. If I could wave a magic wand I'd have the dashboard from my old Mk 2 transplanted into the Mk3. You must, surely, agree, that the multi information display (or whatever it's called) is a step down from the Mk2 if only because it uses tiny digits.

I think the MK3 dash is rubbish quite frankly but then I think most dashboards on most new cars are nightmarishly complex and distract from concentration. I drove a new Civic last year as a loan car. Horrendous dashboard, confusing, distracting and borderline dangerous.

The fact that the cruise control is on the steering wheel, as in previous models, is good. Toyota have a silly little stalk that sits below the steering wheel and Honda's system is much better. It's a personal thing but as I consider the speed limiter to be of no benefit (I will never use it) it annoys me that it clutters up the cruise control switch.

However if people want speed limiters then I will have to accept it.

Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Autonomous vehicles.
« Last post by culzean on March 20, 2018, 12:07:57 PM »
Yes, I know it was the police chief giving the interview, so it was all things she said. I just feel we should not be jumping to conclusions until the facts are in the public domain. Statements like "Apparently there was a tech in the car, watching a Harry Potter video on his laptop" are not helpful. There is a huge amount of bias on this forum against autonomous and electric cars. I feel I try to see both sides of the argument.

The bias is not so much about AV but all the Hype surrounding them,  claims from silicon valley firms like Google / Waymo and Uber seem to get more upbeat and hyped by the day.  Nissan and Detroit are much more measured in their approach and it would seem more pragmatic.   The sheer folly of expecting a bloke with a laptop to take over in a 'real emergency' that happens fast is obvious,  they are there to stop car driving the wrong way down one way streets, straying into cycle lanes, (including not stopping them jumping red lights) and other 'slow emergencies' (happen on average about once every 1.2 miles in one report I read).  No one wants to admit it at the moment but the roads are going to have to be specially adapted in certain areas where AV will run,  maybe sensors and guide wires in the roads,  another investment to me made.

Autopilots on aircraft which have less of a job to do than an AV control system (only have to control speed, and altitude and bearing,  not much to bump into at 35,000 feet), many accidents have been caused by autopilots disengaging (which they do if severe turbulence, sensor failure or other anomalies detected) and the crew not being ready to do the right thing and crashed a perfectly serviceable aircraft.

The final 1 or 2 % of AV functionality is going to be harder than the preceding 98%, is horrendously complicated and  probably harder than getting a man on the Moon or to Mars but it seems that about every 18 months it is announced that they are 2 years away.  Tesla will be going bust in 2018 so that is one 'silicon valley' company out of the game so a bit less hype to handle..

I have 'saved' more than one person from being run over (by my car) by noticing what was happening on the pavement,  twice I have had young teen girls step into the road while busy with their phones, a ball bouncing into the road followed by a small boy etc.  This is where an attentive human helps, they can 'predict ' things,  I would not have minded braking hard for someone who did not step off the kerb,  rather a false positive than a very messy negative.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Autonomous vehicles.
« Last post by auntyneddy on March 20, 2018, 11:55:11 AM »
The clip I saw on TV this am showed a bent cycle lying on the pavement. It had the trimmings of a homeless person, i e the inevitable black plastic bags. Everyone speaks of a pedestrian being killed, what was the part of the bicycle?
Sorry about my anecdotes  but I actually witnessed this. Being a village Bobby, I tried to walk my place. I was standing talking to a resident on the junction with a very busy A road. Another resident walked along the opposite side of the road I was standing on and just walked off the pavement into the path of an oncoming car. He had not acknowledged me and did not look at me so I can only surmise he was aware of the main road. Horrified I saw him fly into the air and come to rest in the road, the car  was not speeding. He got up and started to walk away. I went to him and suggested we call an ambulance. NO I am OK and walked off. I then had to deal with a hysterical young Lady driver. She had only recently passed her test. Eventually I got her to accept there was NOTHING she could have done and as policeman witnessed it all, apart from submitting an accident report She was to think nothing more of it. Eventually, She went on her way.  I then had to go to the Mans home and check. His Wife said to me the silly old fool has told me what has happened. I again asked that he went to hospital for checking. Again he refused. So everyday, I used to check, if he had dropped dead a few days later  questions would have been asked. I still cannot believe he escaped unhurt. My main concern? He was in his late 90's. So my point, it is possible for a pedestrian to walk out into the path of car and for the driver to be completely unable to avoid the collision. As to autonomous cars, what can be done to avoid such a situation I know not. I should have thought the 'minder' should have been more alert and available to deal with a crisis. After all us humans will condemn out of hand no matter what the facts are.
I don't use the speed limiter or cruise control but find the display of the most recent speed limit sign to be useful (although it's not infallible) particularly in urban areas which mix 30 mph and 40 mph speed limits. My approach to job-sharing is that I try to control the speed according to the conditions and signage and let the car decide what gear to be in.
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: 2004 CVT starter motor
« Last post by sparky Paul on March 20, 2018, 11:08:08 AM »
You really need to find out if it is the battery or indeed the starter motor, or even a bad connection such as the engine earth strap - which can show up intermittently.

The symptoms you describe do point to a weak battery, and you always have to suspect battery first when problems start with cold weather. If the car would start with jump leads to another vehicle, then this would certainly point to battery. If it still struggled, then that would point to the starter, or a bad connection somewhere. Any starter motor can fail, especially if it has done plenty of miles of short journeys, but it's wise to eliminate the cheaper options first.

I think the CVT auto starter is different to those fitted to the manual, but any decent auto factor should be able to supply a recon unit from the registration mark. Alternatively, there are plenty of used ones about - there are a few different part numbers used, but I believe all the mark 1 auto starters fit the same.
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