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What's CVT?

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Thanks for the link sparky Paul. I usually buy my car parts from Eurocarparts, but delivery time is quite long.

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Personally it would be a bonus to me if I had auto stop and it never worked  :o
Another question roughly how much for a service, was quoted 180 to 210?

Main dealer?

Fixed price 180 for a basic oil service, 290 for super duper including air, pollen filters and brake fluid. 90 extra for CVT.

Plus the bits of work they 'find'.
I've just bought Comma X-Tech 5W-30 fully synthetic motor oil. My daughter is driving easily 100 miles a day. I've now got to teach her how to check her oil and how often.

Another question roughly how much for a service, was quoted 180 to 210?

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According to the service history, our 2008 Jazz has always been filled with 5W-30 - 170-odd thousand miles and the engine hasn't exploded yet, so something must be right. Sounds like a sewing machine.

Main dealer serviced our 2015 last year, just before purchase, they used Shell Helix synthetic 5W-30. They've starting bugging the other half to take it in for another service, I'm afraid they're out of luck.
I have sorted the problem!!!!!  :D

This is what I needed to do;

1. Disconnect negative terminal on battery and leave for 2 mins.
2. Reconnect negative terminal to battery.
3. Hook up CTEK charger as before with the negative connected to the body cable side of the battery symbol sensor.
4. This time, instead of reporting done fairly quickly it took about 1 hour of charge.

I disconnected the charger and the next day took the car out. Start/stop working perfectly.

Thanks for all of the advice. It looks like the ECU needed a reset by disconnecting the battery.

A USA Honda Fit Forum has a method to reset the ECU without disconnecting the battery as follows :-

When you see the Auto Stop/Battery disabled symbol
1. With the engine running, pull the bonnet release catch - dashboard indicates that the bonnet has been released.
2. Turn the engine off.
3. Exit the car and open and close the bonnet.

Auto stop will then work normally again.  I have tried this procedure and strangely seems to work.
Honda Jazzz Mk4 2020 - / Re: 2020 JAZZ HYBRID ROAD TEST AND REVIEWS
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Generally a positive review, but it seems the What Car reviewer has misunderstood the engineering by referring to a gearbox.  As I understand it engine revs may vary when the engine is acting as a generator, as the power required varies, but at high speeds with direct engine drive to the wheels, the revs will be directly proportional to the speed.  The rough fuel consumption estimate of over 60 mpg is encouraging - reviewers are usually rather heavy-footed!  And where do they find a starting price of 14800?
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