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Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by sparky Paul on Today at 03:58:38 PM »
The average UK postcode in suburban areas covers about 10 homes,  as Jocko says that rises in areas with denser houses.  It is a brilliant system,  much better than in other countries we have lived and traveled where their postcodes cover square miles,  By just knowing a postcode in UK your satnav will get you normally within 50 metres,  if you know the house number it will get you to top of their driveway.  I think there is a match between postcode and email address that if it is repeated will result in a 'double signing attempt' email back from the petition site, otherwise once one person in a postcode area had signed everyone else in that area would be blocked.  But I think it also means that if you have multiple email addresses you can sign more than once,  I don't think IP address is involved,  but may be wrong.

As you say, the postcode system here is indeed excellent. I post stuff all over the world, and it's right up there with the very best. Some countries, including Ireland, have no system at all, and it means extra work verifying that a given address is exactly correct.

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the .gov petition site examines a number of criteria to verify that each signing is legitimate, and chunks of votes are regularly disallowed and subsequently removed from the totals.

Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by sparky Paul on Today at 03:49:00 PM »
Not whataboutery at all,  you were no doubt implying that the UK economy suffered more than EU

I'm not implying that at all.

What I am saying is nothing so complicated. Brexiters constantly assert that "project fear" was all a lie, and that the mere threat of brexit didn't cause the economy to collapse as predicted, and indeed nothing really happened. But something did happen, after the 'no vote' in 2016, the Bank of England had to immediately inject 170billion of liquidity and FTSE debt purchase in order to prop up the economy and stock market. If this response had not taken place, the situation may have been very different.

In any case, I would dispute that nothing happened, and indeed so would the employees of companies that have subsequently decided to move their operations from the UK, and could continue to do so over the next 20-30 years.

I don't really understand your point regarding the amount of EU stimulus, you seem to be saying that the EU injected more stimulus and got worse results, surely you are not implying a direct causality? The EU has very different pressures to their economy, and in any case, the amount of fiscal stimulus that has gone into the UK economy since 2008 has been almost double that in the EU, when taken as a proportion of GDP, which is the only sensible measure. The EU economy is 8 times the size of the UK, and incidentally has a better credit rating than the UK across all agencies.

Think about that 170 billion that was used prop up the UK economy after the 'no' vote. That's equivalent to nearly 9% of the total UK GDP at the time - far from insignificant.
Can you please name some that you recommend?

If you go on Google Play and search for HUD, there are all sorts of wonderful things. I've had a play with Sygic satnav, that has a good HUD mode, and a couple of the simpler speedo type things like DigiHUD. Avoid the ones that try to show too much information on the screen.

Set your screen brightness to auto adjust for daylight and it all works quite well, but you might have to improvise something to blind the phone so that you don't see the screen directly. If you struggle with seeing the reflection in daylight, you can get a phone mount with a semi-transparent angled screen above which gives you a much better reflection.

Better quality ones are available, I'm sure.  ;)
Hybrid / honda hrv hybrid
« Last post by trevg on Today at 02:09:34 PM »
i was in a honda dealership enquiring about a used hrv and asked about when are they going to get a hybrid version, not expecting any positive reply but according to salesman its either late this year or next year. i think this is the way to go at the moment rather than totally electric.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by richardfrost on Today at 01:33:23 PM »
Since I own a domain name, I have an infinite number of email addresses I can use. And given I am skilled in software robotics, it would be really easy for me to program a bot to pick a valid UK postcode, generate a random email address to go in front of my domain, and then place a vote. Another bot would then watch my Inbox for the confirmation emails, and then respond to 'verify' the vote. Really not hard at all.

However, I think there is a bit more to it than that. They have mentioned there are a range of other checks that are made to spot 'gaming' of the system, such as pattern matching, artificial intelligence and whatnot. AI is really easy to deploy these days and we are seeing an escalating war between malicious software and security software.

The real question to ask here is what would be gained by anyone spending the time and effort to artificially boost the voter numbers. The government could never act on this petition and retain the shred of credibility it might currently have.

The better petition to have in my mind would be along the lines of 'Let's sort this all out with a general election' or some other question which would gain remain and brexit support.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Climate change.
« Last post by richardfrost on Today at 01:22:35 PM »
It is a bizarre though that a planet which is largely covered by water will probably spend the next 100 years fighting for it!
I am seing the same condensation on the right side

i got it on both sides now (worse on the right), covering the reversing light and indicator, as soon as the sun is on it and goes away with cooler temps

i did mention it at the dealer on sat but it dissapeared on the fri night and didint appear till i left the dealer when the sun hit it later that day

how have you been dealing with your condensation poul?

i hope it will vent away eventually but it has not gone any better since i first spotted it five days ago, it should be replaced if it covers up the indicator but not according to the user manual that says it is normal unless it is pooling at the bottom of the light

will the dealer except pictures or will they have to have water in the cluster when i get there as it is one side doing it and the other is ok and then visa versa and always different according to the temp and sun position

most importantly what i need to know is are the rear light cluster sealed or does it allow condensation out of vents at the back, or are the vents just between the front and back of the lens and the condensation cannot get to the back to be vented out completely

here are two pics from today when the sun was on the back, ther left side seems to be ok with just a few drops inside
I am seing the same condensation on the right side
moisture comes and goes from both back lights in the reversing indicator part, depending on which side has the sun on it

are these units fully sealed or will they eventually vent the moisture out ?

in the user manual it says that it is normal and will only replace if lots of water inside

anyone else with mk3 jazz having condensation in rear clusters?

thanks guys
Part of that might be attempting to by pass the initial sluggishness by flooring the gas pedal and finding the revs going up to nearly 4,000 rpm on occasions
Try switching your dashboard display to instantaneous mpg. That is my guide. Opening the throttle wide is not a bad ploy, but flooring it is not a good idea. About 80% is a reasonable amount. You want to keep the ECU in closed loop control. Too much throttle gets you into open loop, and that is a bit like the old accelerator pump on a downdraught carb.
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