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CVT oil warning reset
« on: December 18, 2020, 10:07:34 PM »
Hi All,

the CVT gearbox on my Jazz called for its oil to be replaced - the job was easy but the procedure to turn off the warning message defined in the car manual did not work.

Honda dealer wanted ++ to perform reset and they could not demonstrate how to do it.

After much playing the following procedure was found to work:


1 Ignition OFF.
2 Handbrake ON.
3 Gear selection PARK.
4 Press and hold mileage reset button near speedo.
4 Ignition ON two click.
5 WAIT about 10 seconds. Screen displays warning then CVTF reset screen.
6 Press (i) on steering wheel to highlight the elliptical arrows block instead of the bottom image.
7 Rotate mileage reset button, Screen display changes to reset ellipse with a tick.
8 Press (i) button on steering wheel to revert to one of the normal display modes.


Hope this is useful, it has only been tried on a 2012 model but should work on others.



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