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Puzzling ticking noise
« on: February 22, 2018, 11:04:56 AM »
Wonder if anyone can shed some light on what this might be please?

We have a 53 plate 1.4 manual Jazz which has now done 82,000 miles and we've owned it for 5 or 6 years having bought it with 28,000 miles on the clock.

The car performs faultlessly, engine is sweet as a nut, clutch and gearbox all good, fuel economy, steering and handling all spot on.

This ticking noise only really happens when the engine is cold and in the following circumstances.

My wife uses the car for work, so she starts the engine ( all good, sounds lovely), re-arranges herself for a bit, then selects reverse and starts to let the clutch out. The reversing path is a bit narrow, so she slips the clutch and generally comes back slowly (not screaming the engine) and this is when the ticking noise is very apparent from outside the car, but not really noticeable inside.

Once the car has reversed fully, she then selects first and pulls away normally with no noise.

It's not a problem and it's always done it, but it puzzles me as to what's making the noise.

Anybody else noticed this?




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Re: Puzzling ticking noise
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2018, 01:31:15 PM »
If the ticking noise gets faster when you accelerate then it could simply be tappet noise which would disappear shortly after starting up. Happens on a lot of engines when very cold. Nothing to worry about. Mine does it on cold days.


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