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My name is John, no surprise there, and I've had my Jazz for the past month.

It's an 08 1.4 Sport in Vivid Blue Pearl, it's the first Honda I've owned and it was bought from a local franchised dealer. I'm very happy with it and find it's probably the best car I've ever fitted in to (I'm 6' 5").

There are no real problems so far. Comfortable, roomy, excellent storage options, economy seems pretty good, easy to drive around town and fairly relaxed doing 70 mph on the motorway.

I agree with the comments elsewhere that the rear parking sensors seem VERY sensitive, I've noted what it says on the threads and have tried to make sure the sensors are clean, but they still seem to chime with no apparent obstruction in range.

My only real issue thus far is my driver's electric window, this seems keen to only raise from fully open to one third closed. Repeated up / down button operation will close it after 30 seconds or so, but it is becoming slightly annoying. I've tried the solution suggested in the forum (open and hold the button continuously down for a short time, followed by raising and holding the button up) but this doesn't seem to have changed anything. More research and experimentation required I think.

I'm enjoying reading the wide variety of topics under discussion.


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