Author Topic: Found Amazon Alexa i On Car Infotainment screen ?.  (Read 63 times)


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Found Amazon Alexa i On Car Infotainment screen ?.
« on: July 30, 2020, 04:10:34 PM »
Just found out by accident that my IPhone with Alexa app connects to the Otherwise useless Infotainment system thus making it useful at last.
Tapped on Bluetooth in error and low and behold Alexa was there on the screen.please note Alexa App needs to be in use
I tried it out and it works a treat, this was of course on our driveway and therefore connected to broadband from house. so drove further away on drive to lose wifi connection.
Nevertheless in settings on IPhone  in Alexa app select allow to use mobile data and Presto it still works, when out of range but of course you need unlimited Data to be care free etc.
I do of  have that facility but not used it much so far but  I suspect this will change dramatically very soon.
I thought I would let you that are interested into this snippet.


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