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Re: End of the all petrol jazz
« Reply #30 on: February 26, 2020, 07:01:11 PM »
Well folks, have spoken to 4 different dealerships today, and they all confirm to my suprise that Honda will not be selling the all petrol jazz alongside the hybrid.. when they gone, they gone.  I thought they may continue to provide the all petrol cars over the next 12 months at least, until they get a good feel of sales of hybrid .  So all you jazz lovers, get used to the idea of having an automatic . I for one won't be going to hybrid anytime soon, paying out lots of extra cash for petrol and battery.  I just bought a new EX last week, and will run it into the ground now, so at least Honda won't be getting my new car money every two years. Shame really, I am a big Jazz fan
I guess Honda must be hoping that all its current owners are going to buy honda hybrid jazz for the next vehicle. Good luck with that Honda
Yes, the present 1.3 16v will be sold only in the japanese  and in some other asian markets, where CO2 fines are not a problem, where an hybrid jazz would be too expensive, where sales are high and Honda can offer a big price list.
In Europe Honda needs to sell low carbon imprint models, and the 1.3 16v has a bigger consumption than the Hybrid. Second reason, models coming from a far assembly plant and with low sales (JAzz sold 30000 pieces in the 2019 in EU) usually have to  reduce variants to stem  logistic costs, that's why europe lost Jazz with petrol engines.


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