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Fuel consumption- latest models.
« on: October 08, 2019, 10:04:47 AM »
Hi Guys
Having had my latest EX Cvt for about 5 weeks I thought i would post the current fuel consumption figures for you to compare with earlier models.
The attached photo shows the current state of play with a fairly consistent result of around 50 mpg for almost 1500 miles. An actual refill indicates that the on-board readout is perhaps 5% optimistic, but I can live with that.
My typical motoring pattern is a mix of urban and country motoring with the occasional motorway dash, which i usually limit to about 60-65 mph.
Another recent post highlighting the differences in the latest 2020yr models, mentions engine & suspension mods.
I can confirm that the engine is a little livelier, but maybe a little noisier when pushing on a bit. Steering tends to stay straight better. Suspension is best described as firm, but I guess the 16" wheels don't help. I won't mention the lack of spare wheel space, as discussed elsewhere.
However, overall I am well pleased with, what is now my 4th and given my age, probably my last Jazz ;)


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