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fuel injectors and ECM
« on: July 06, 2018, 04:10:43 PM »
Has anyone else had a problem with fuel injectors and ECM? We have our first Jazz from 2013 and sad to say the engine is bust after 5 years: there are 4 injectors: diagnostics said injector 3 was broken but this then broke the ECM which is the expensive computer part. Honda can't tell if any of the other 3 are broken without replacing them ( 250 each) so total bill 1750. If they dont replace them risk is they break the new ECM. Spoken to our garage and they say another car the injector breaking wouldnt have broken the ECM and also other cars you can test if the injectors are broken. I think this is a design fault and been waiting nearly 2 weeks for Honda to get back to me. At least 2 other care in our local area have had the same problem. anyone else come across this?


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