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Ford and Australian Courts decision
« on: May 24, 2018, 02:53:47 PM »
I watched with interest the Video and the slant on Ford and their Powershift. It is interesting that the Aus Boss seems to be the epitimy  of those we see on American soaps. Fair enough it seems Ford have dropped a ricket.
I have recently read of a person ordering a Ford Ecosport and on his build requirements were front parking sensors. Having sampled the rear parking sensors and camera on the rear of the Ecosport I have just taken delivery of, I can understand his wish to have them on the front. His car was duly delivered without the factory fitted sensors and the dealer fitted aftermarket ones. This the customer was upset about as the factory fitted ones work through a front camera ( as I understand it) and the onboard screen. Well discussions have developed and the dealer I believe has done his best to overcome the problem. Seemingly the customer could have rejected the car as it was not as ordered. It seems Ford have offered through the dealer to rectify the omission by supplying all the parts required to bring the car up to the 'order'. Or to replace the car but the buyer didn't want to wait several months for delivery. This involves many new parts and the software for the dash mounted video. This is going to cost a LOT. Not to the customer. This is a bit different to the picture painted in the video. I have been a little vague as I am working secondhand. If indeed the facts are as I understand them, the customer was out of his right to reject time but the dealer and Ford have acknowledged that the customer did not get the car he ordered. Having spent circa 22000, the customer had a right to be upset BUT it does seem Ford and their dealer are trying to be honest.
Before we rub our hands with glee over Ford 'WOT' about BMW  emulating Vauxhall with spontaneous combustion.  Is it correct 300,000 cars affected? What price the German super car?


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