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  1. New Seat Covers
  2. Chain or belt?
  3. I am Johnnyjazz no more
  4. Wiper Blades
  5. Honda Service Reminder System
  6. MOVED: Roof bars and box wanted
  7. Headlights
  8. Screen Wash
  9. Gear stick movement in neutral.
  10. 2011 Honda Jazz Ex cvt misting up, is this common ?
  11. Is there a setting to make mirrors fold once ignition is off?
  12. iPhone connection
  13. Parking brake lever has little reserve travel (3.1.6b)
  14. No 30 mph marker on speedometer
  15. Car cigarette lighter/power outlet
  16. Rubber strips on roof
  17. Strong exhaust fume smell near front of car
  18. Engine noise when accelerating heavily low speed in high gear
  19. Clutch judder until car warms up
  20. What MPG are you getting from your Honda Jazz ?
  21. Car Battery (Apologies for naive post!)
  22. Door moulding strips
  23. Hit Footpath at night
  24. What is yellow steering wheel with exclamation mark?
  25. Exhaust bypass/ Electronic dump
  26. Front anti roll bar
  27. Rear speakers not working?
  28. ES PLUS-T model - installed integral SD GPS
  29. Super Unleaded Petrol.
  30. Plug job
  31. What to look for in a second hand Jazz
  32. How fussy/daft are you?
  33. Heated car seat cover for drivers side
  34. Tyres! Winter or All Season?
  35. Daytime Running Lights
  36. CVT
  37. Standard of workmanship by so called professionals
  38. LED replacement in Side Turn Signal Light in door mirror 2014 EX
  39. 2013 jazz brake problem?
  40. Fuel consumption
  41. Hopefully an end to windscreen reflections!
  42. Petrol smell at cold start
  43. Seat belts in rear seem to be wrong way round.
  44. Dreadful ride - any way to improve?
  45. Battery age
  46. Honda Jazz 2006-2014 & Insight Takata airbag recall
  47. turbo
  48. Secret Jazz feature - interior roof tether points
  49. Air con stopped working again
  50. Hybrid