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Title: Hand brake update still got problems
Post by: pennpeel on October 17, 2020, 07:09:53 PM
I had my Jazz mot'd with an advisory for the hand brake and rear brake on one side.  Decided to bit the bullet replace the brake fluid, calliper and discs in one go.  Draining the fluid went ok, calliper fit with a bit of struggling unfortunately the discs don't, they are tightening down on the stone guard.  Don't think I will have any joy getting them replaced as they were from abroad, lesson to be learnt, although I've had other stuff from abroad with no problem.

Since replacing the calliper the hand brake now goes almost vertical, so its wheel off tomorrow to have a look as to why,  any ideas?

I have pumped the brakes a bit and repeatedly pulled the hand brake up as i under stand its some sort of ratchet system.

I must be a glutton for punishment, spending my weekend trying to fix my own car.  A have used a local garage for a few years till i had my doubts about them over the brake problem.  I do enjoy fixing things and you can't beat the feeling of fixing something.

Appreciate any advice!
Title: Re: Hand brake update still got problems
Post by: coffeecup on October 17, 2020, 07:51:13 PM
First of all try pulling the hand brake on with your foot on the brake pedal, if hand brake still goes vertical its a hand brake problem, however if the system has been bled right the calipers should set themselves up to the disc. Is the foot brakes OK?
Only other thing i can think is the new 'foreign' discs, are the exactly like the old ones?

Good look.
Title: Re: Hand brake update still got problems
Post by: culzean on October 17, 2020, 08:05:38 PM
IIRC the adjustment of the arm position on caliper is the key, the start position of the arm that the cable attaches to is important.  As the arm moves it actually screws the piston forward onto disc, which is why when fitting new pads you have to push and screw the piston back into cylinder.  Because you replaced calipers you need to set up the position of arm properly by screwing piston in relation to the arm.. maybe if someone has an exploded parts diagram it may be clearer. 

The least you need to do is - with handbrake off and engine running repeatedly pump the brakes,  every few pumps pull on the handbrake to see if the self-adjustment is working ( it is supposed to work the piston forward when you apply footbrakes normally ) - you should find that at some point the handbrake starts to behave better, but keep pumping until it is perfect at about 7 to 8 clicks.

Try this

Or this

( click on the little icons for drawings )

This is interesting
Title: Re: Hand brake update still got problems
Post by: pennpeel on October 18, 2020, 06:25:33 PM
Thankyou for the advice on my problem, with the handbrake. Unfortunately the suggestions didn't help I started to think maybe as they sent the wrong discs was the Calliper also the wrong one it looked the same fitted the same even had the same number on it. 

 I was all for getting it to the garage in the village only a few hundred yards from my house, and paying for the privilege of them telling me, their trained mechanics, and I should have left well alone.  Fair point I suppose but it was taking it to a garage that got me in the position I'm in now.

 As I needed the car for work, I decided to refit the original calliper, also to see if it cured the handbrake problem that I had with the new calliper. Straight away the handbrake worked fine. 

I am going to replace the discs, pads, probably the callipers on both sides, just for piece of mind, the n/s calliper was a very rusty and stiff this was meant to have been changed only nine months ago! Didn't look it though.

Now I have to see if I can return the discs and Calliper, which came from Germany, lesson learnt here the parts did look good, but are really expensive to return, if wrong in my case.  May have to put it down to experience.  Never mind the money I'm saving doing it myself will cover the cost of the parts. Sorry to ramble on but you learn by others mistakes, so if this helps anyone all to the good.

Once again thanks for the advice  :)