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Title: warranty an aa cover expiring what to do???
Post by: kevinivtec on July 09, 2020, 09:48:52 PM
Hi all having my last free mot and service  honda 12 with the dealer also 3 yr warranty is due to expire on car  the car is 2010 jazz i shift 38000 miles still sweet as a nut but alas warranty and  aa cover now due to expire cannot extend warranty with dealer as car is too old so what to do AA/ RAC ???  not sure about green flag as they send out local garage , i have heard some horrific stories about them  also  i am very capable of servicing the car myself, but what is the final honda 12 service?? what should they do ??? all advice welcome and breakdown cover thanks
Title: Re: warranty an aa cover expiring what to do???
Post by: 123Drive! on July 09, 2020, 10:23:41 PM
I have a 2009 I-shift, 102000 miles. The gear box broke down needing a repair at 80k miles. Thanks to members here, was recommended to a specialist for 340. Otherwise, nothing has been changed apart from wear and tear items. So rather than spending on a warranty policy, save the money and use it for servicing. I used both Honda and independent garage for servicing. I find the former not trust worthy, saying my shocks needing replacement when they didn't. The latter seems more honest and better value. Ask the dealer what the final service involves, but usually the Air Filter, Pollen Filter and brake fluid change may be included.

I m.using GEM Motorassist which is good value as it covers home start, amongst other services. They use local garages but this means they arrive quickly and were friendly from past experiences.
Title: Re: warranty an aa cover expiring what to do???
Post by: sparky Paul on July 10, 2020, 08:48:59 AM
Can't really add much to the above, especially if you are capable of doing the servicing yourself - at least you can guarantee it's being done correctly. I'm not sure what a warranty on a 10 year old car will cost, or what it would cover, but they have to make a profit in the long run... I know the I-shift has its problems, but as far as cars of that age go, the Hondas are about as reliable as it gets.

For recovery, we use AutoAid, 60 for full cover anywhere within the UK, including recovery to any destination of your choice, home start, accommodation or onward travel, etc., and covers both you and a spouse/partner in any vehicle. No haggling every year, like you have to with AA/RAC, everyone pays the same price - new or existing customers.