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Title: Hand Car Wash Sizing Criteria
Post by: peteo48 on September 18, 2019, 05:21:14 PM
I've always thought a Jazz would come in as a small car as far as car washes are concerned. Due to a dodgy shoulder I used the Waves Car Wash at my local Tesco on return from holiday (car filthy inside and out) so I opted for the "Gold" package especially as I had a voucher for 5 off. The man told me my car was medium under their criteria in that it was more than 9.3 cubic metres. This meant a "Gold" package would be 25 minus my voucher so 20.

He was right, the Jazz is 10.58 cubic metres! Officially a medium car along with most other super minis. Looks like only things like Toyota Aygos and similar meet their "small" car criteria.

Did they do a good job? Pretty damn good I have to say. I'm just wondering if the time has come to hang up my wash mitt! I could do a "Gold" a couple of times a year with monthly "silvers" in between (silver is a wash plus vac) and is 7.