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Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 09:27:21 AM »
A second use of an email address is not permitted, irrespective of what post code you use, but multiple uses of a Post Code, with different emails is permitted. You could have 19 houses to a post code, as in my mother-in-law's scheme of semi-detached houses, but they could all be houses of multiple occupation, such as near a university, so they could easily accommodate 60 - 100 email addresses.
Just to repeat what I have posted before, the paintwork and bodywork in general of the VW is far better than the jazz

IMHO I would rather have thinner paint on a trouble-free reliable car than just thicker paint on a typical German problematic one,  three members of my family have had terrible experiences with Skoda in the last couple of years,  one dumped their Fabia and went back to Toyota, one dumped their 18 month old Octavia and is now happily driving a Suzuki Grand Vitara and the other is looking for a Honda Civic estate to replace his troublesome ( regularly costs him money ) Octavia estate - and it is / was generally accepted that Skoda are the best built of the VW group.

Modern cars have zinc coated body panels so the paint is just for decoration really,  and you see plenty of old Jazzes and Honda in general still driving around quite happily,  their powertain is bulletproof ( oh did I mention my Bro-in-law had the gearbox on his Golf fall apart inside a few years ago, he has not gone near VW since after that expensive episode ). My brother also worked with a woman who was proudly driving her brand new golf up the M6 and the rear suspension collapsed in a most disconcerting fashion.

I can make them do a finger in mouth puking gesture just by saying 'German engineering' LOL
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Climate change.
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 09:18:22 AM »
Eventually finished "The Uninhabitable Earth". It was a disappointing Kindle presentation as it showed me at 57% read when it finished. The rest of books was references! Hate it when that happens.
The upshot of it all is that until big business gives up their greed or until governments force them to, things will only continue to get warmer.

There was a section on the BBC News channel last night about the Murray and Darling rivers in Australia. There is virtually no water there any more, with the Murray no longer reaching the sea. The drought that SE Australia is suffering is partly to blame, but the greed of the large multinational cotton growers, taking every drop of water for their crops, and meaning that towns along the rivers are having to be supplied with bottled water, are the reason it is so bad. Corporate greed. Whether it be water in Australia, dams in Brazil, or vehicle emissions elsewhere, many of the worlds ills are down to corporate greed and the rampant pursuit of Capitalism.
I'm beginning to sound like a communist. I'll have to vote Labour next time!
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by culzean on Today at 09:01:08 AM »

Ah sorry I understand now thank you

So there is no qualifying means to confirm if the signed of the petition is the person who signed it or am I wrong again sorry

Many thanks


The average UK postcode in suburban areas covers about 10 homes,  as Jocko says that rises in areas with denser houses.  It is a brilliant system,  much better than in other countries we have lived and traveled where their postcodes cover square miles,  By just knowing a postcode in UK your satnav will get you normally within 50 metres,  if you know the house number it will get you to top of their driveway.  I think their is a match between postcode and email address that if it is repeated will result in a 'double signing attempt' email back from the petition site, otherwise once one person in a postcode area had signed everyone else in that area would be blocked.  But I think it also means that if you have multiple email addresses you can sign more than once,  I don't think IP address is involved,  but may be wrong.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by culzean on Today at 08:53:11 AM »
You think that the £170billion the Bank of England had to pump into the economy immediately after the no vote was a lie too?

That is a fraction of the amount the EU / ECB has pumped into the European economies.. and guess what - their unemployment has gone up and they are in recession. 

What's that got to do with question I asked? Typical whataboutery.

Not whataboutery at all,  you were no doubt implying that the UK economy suffered more than EU ( and the rest of the world) but pretty much every country has stimulated their economy in the last few years,  the ECB ( and UK have money in there) only stopped / cut back its massive Eurozone stimulus last December and even before that but especially since the Eurozone economy has been shrinking and sliding into recession,  Greece seems to be the one transient bright spot but it may well be the last upward twitch before their economy also resumes its downward spiral. Looking at EU in general and Eurozone in particular UK is doing very well, unemployment at a 44 year low and wages rising - whats not to like ?
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by d2d4j on Today at 08:49:09 AM »

Ah sorry I understand now thank you

So there is no qualifying means to confirm if the signed of the petition is the person who signed it or am I wrong again sorry

Many thanks

Well done,
it looked great, lucky chap who purchased it,wish him many miles of happy driving.
I have had the feeling that the car has been a bit "stiff" this past couple of weeks. I has not been coasting all that well and the ScanGauge has shown poor figures. I even checked the wheel centres, yesterday, for heating and signs of brake binding (all okay). This morning I went in for petrol, which has gone up in price, and I expected to pay around £45. When it cut off at under £40 I was surprised. On working out my figures I have achieved 57 mpg (dashboard display said 55.5 mpg) and I had to make an offset to ScanGauge.
I would have expected a figure like that, as I have had 80 mile outings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but was still surprised to see it.
Hybrid / Re: The Green Eco Button - What Does It Do?
« Last post by John Ratsey on March 24, 2019, 10:33:25 PM »
According to
"Even when switched to ‘ECO’ mode (which decreases torque by four per cent and smoothens the throttle, delivering better efficiency) the Jazz’s 1.3 litre petrol engine delivers enough clout to make overtaking unproblematic."

While says:
"There are two driving modes: normal and eco. The economy mode is active by default – the button to switch it off is a big green lozenge hiding down by your right knee. Hit that button and throttle response is noticeably sharpened, as is the actual acceleration that results."

i.e. it trades a little performance for better efficiency / economy.

Try it and see if you notice any difference in performance.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Recommendation for dash-mounted speedometer
« Last post by sparky Paul on March 24, 2019, 10:09:20 PM »
There are a few android apps that can give you a HUD, they work surprisingly well with a phone mounted on top of the dash reflecting off the windscreen.
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