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Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: cvt gearbox
« Last post by dave456 on Today at 10:09:55 AM »
Hi members just had the starting clutch done at Honda Rotherham and now nice and smooth no vibration the price was 595.00 all in i  thought that was a good price for Honda thanks for every body who sent me suggestions dave.   
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: 55 Plate - Over/Under Steer
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 09:34:18 AM »
I would certainly see about getting the geometry checked. The like of Kwik Fit do it while you wait. But first I would check my tyre pressures.
As John say, the MOT inspector drives it from the parking bay, onto the ramp, then back out again. If everything is tight and intact he doesn't mind if the wheels point to the four winds.
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: 55 Plate - Over/Under Steer
« Last post by John Ratsey on Today at 08:30:17 AM »
I believe the Mk 1 Jazz has Honda's first attempt at electrically powered steering (more energy efficiency than hydraulic powered) and is less precise than later versions. This may be part of your problem and is something that people get used to. It may also be worthwhile getting the steering geometry checked. The MOT tends to check for deterioration and damage and may not check how well a vehicle steers.

Also see this steering-related discussion which links to other discussions.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Flat as a fart
« Last post by coffeecup on August 15, 2018, 09:37:03 PM »
Don't know what your problem is, all Jazz owners never go over 50 anyway, most things start to blur past 40 !!!
Honda HR-V 2015- / Re: Updated HRV
« Last post by ColinS on August 15, 2018, 06:48:31 PM »
Good timing for me.  I just picked up a demo and take it back tomorrow afternoon.  Will almost definately be waiting for the facelift model.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: How to get audio unlock code for free?
« Last post by tuff on August 15, 2018, 06:28:20 PM »
Thanks Jocko for the information. Can anyone assist me please? Very much appreciate the help if possible, thanks
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: Clunking noise when setting off
« Last post by Twd99 on August 15, 2018, 05:58:55 PM »
Love king at the gearbox mount shown in other  website:

Suggesting that the bolts is coming loose that's why it's making a creaking noise. I thought NK it might be worth applying some locktite (nuts / bolts adhesive) when tight down the bolt to prevent it becoming loose due to vibration.

Look like cars only experience noise when they accrued the mileage. My didn't make any noise at 7k miles. It only started at 10k miles.

Honda HR-V 2015- / Re: Updated HRV
« Last post by Jocko on August 15, 2018, 04:53:56 PM »
I have never fancied the HR-V. I have never driven one. I wasn't fussed for a CR-V either, until I had a courtesy car last year and I enjoyed driving it, so I would probably like HR-V too. I had never even owned a hatchback (didn't fancy one!) until I bought my Jazz. Prejudices are strange things, but can be easily overcome by experience.
Honda HR-V 2015- / Re: Updated HRV
« Last post by Rory on August 15, 2018, 04:20:36 PM »
Reads like they just pasted in the entire press release.

Followed a HR-V the other day when I had Mrs R in the car - she recognised the Honda logo on the back, but had no idea what the car was.  Told her it was HR-V and she reckoned she'd never seen one before and was astonished at how big it looked. 

I'm taking daughter's Jazz in for service next week and they've told me I'm having a HR-V courtesy car, so I'll be quite interested to try it.
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