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Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: New Honda Jazz. November 2017
« Last post by rogbro on Today at 05:05:57 PM »
Price .  I got quoted exactly the same price, for an EX. And the 1.5 Sport. £18,215 on the road,
with a 5 year service pack.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Playing MP3s from a USB Stick
« Last post by JohnB47 on Today at 04:21:11 PM »
Hey folks, do any of you play MP3s stored on a USB stick in the form of albums (each album in a folder)? If so, I have some helpful advice if you want to make sure that the various folders/albums are listed alphabetically on the display of your playing device (car or in-house audio). It is wrong to assume that if the folders/albums are sorted alphabetically on your PC, then they will remain sorted that way when you transfer them to the USB - they won't be! Let me know if this is interesting to any of you.

My main question now is, on the Honda Jazz if you have, say, 20 albums of mp3s and you've navigated to the last one, is there an easy way to go straight back to the first one? All I seem to be able to do, by pressing the centre of the volume dial and turning it, is to sequentially move forward or back one album at a time.

Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: What would you change for the MK4 JAZZ?
« Last post by peteo48 on Today at 03:37:43 PM »
They should have a hybrid option.
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: What would you change for the MK4 JAZZ?
« Last post by andruec on Today at 03:19:23 PM »
* Either get rid of the Atkinson cycle or improve the programming on the CVT so that we don't have the pseudo 'turbo lag' at low revs.
* Have another go at producing a decent infotainment unit. Start with a modern version of Android. If the operator chooses not to click the 'Ok' button then at least leave the damn' clock visible.
* LED headlights with main beam shadowing like Mercedes and Audi have.
* Bring back the two tier boot arrangement.
* Bring back the old auto wipers mechanism. It didn't have false positives in cold weather and didn't seem to need frequent speed adjustments.
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: What would you change for the MK4 JAZZ?
« Last post by Jwright558 on Today at 03:06:41 PM »
In Honda's eyes there's nothing up with the Jazz, and as people say if it isn't broke don't fix it.
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: Anyone changed Whole Exhaust For their Jazz?
« Last post by Jem on Today at 03:00:03 PM »
I have had my rear box fall of while driving home on the A11. I saw it rolling to the side of the road in the rear view mirror. That cost about £90for that to be replaced. Recently the mid section went at the joint with the newer back box. At the time of the back box being replaced they said it looked rusty but it could last another year so there was no benefit to changing it.
I just had the mid section done and it cost £65 to get that done.

So in real terms I don't feel it's too expensive to have a garage, who know what they are doing, replace my exhaust and fix it all in place properly. I would imagine that doing it yourself on a standard jack on the road would be very hard work and possibly very dangerous.

Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Electric cars
« Last post by culzean on Today at 02:16:31 PM »


Where are the Brexit supporters who did any sums except those which showed we would save "£18B" a year by leaving. None of them told us there would be a charge to leave  - latest estimate £40B.

There are lots of people stupid enough to believe what politicians say : reality suggests a healthy dose of scepticism couple with a demand to show the evidence for any claim is far more sensible .

a bit off topic, but just got to share this......(we really need a joke of the day thread on this site).

Brexit explained.

Dave Davis is at the golf club returning his locker key when Mr Barnier, the membership secretary sees him.

"Hello Mr Davis", says Mr Barnier. "I'm sorry to hear you are no longer renewing your club membership, if you would like to come to my office we can settle your account”.

"I have settled my bar bill." says Mr Davis.

"Ah yes Mr Davis", says Mr Barnier, "but there are other matters that need settlement.”

In Mr Barniers office -
Mr Davis explains that he has settled his bar bill so wonders what else he can possibly owe the Golf Club?

"Well Mr Davis" begins Mr Barnier, "you did agree to buy one of our Club Jackets”.
"Yes" agrees Mr Davis "I did agree to buy a jacket but I haven't received it yet". "As soon as you supply the jacket I will send you a cheque for the full amount”.

"That will not be possible" explains Mr Barnier. "As you are no longer a club member you will not be entitled to buy one of our jackets"!

"But you still want me to pay for it" exclaims Mr Davis.
"Yes" says Mr Barnier, "That will be £500 for the jacket. There is also your bar bill".
"But I've already settled my bar bill" says Mr Davis. "Yes" says Mr Barnier, "but as you can appreciate, we need to place our orders from the Brewery in advance to ensure our bar is properly stocked". "You regularly used to spend at least £50 a week in the bar so we have placed orders with the brewery accordingly for the coming year. You therefore owe us £2600 for the

"Will you still allow me to have these drinks?" asks Mr Davis. "No of course not Mr Davis". "You are no longer a club member!" says Mr Barnier. "Next is your restaurant bill" continues Mr Barnier. "In the same manner we have to make arrangements in advance with our catering suppliers". "Your average restaurant bill was in the order of £300 a month, so we'll require payment of £3600 for the next year". "I don't suppose you'll be letting me have these meals either" asks Mr Davis. "No, of course not" says an irritated Mr Barnier, "you are no longer a club member!”

"Then of course" Mr Barnier continues, "there are repairs to the clubhouse roof".
"Clubhouse roof" exclaims Mr Davis, "What's that got to do with me?"
"Well it still needs to be repaired and the builders are coming in next week", your share of the bill is £2000”.

"I see" says Mr Davis, "anything else?".
"Now you mention it" says Mr Barnier, "there is Fred the Barman's pension". "We would like you to pay £5 a week towards Fred's pension when he retires next month". "He's not well you know so I doubt we'll need to ask you for payment for longer than about five years, so £1300 should do it”.

"This brings your total bill to £10,000" says Mr Barnier.

"Let me get this straight" says Mr Davis, "you want me to pay £500 for a jacket you won't let me have, £2600 for beverages you won't let me drink and £3600 for food you won't let me eat, all under a roof I won't be allowed under and not served by a bloke who's going to retire next month!”

"Yes, it's all perfectly clear and quite reasonable" says Mr Barnier.

"P off!" says Mr Davis
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Wheel compatability
« Last post by culzean on Today at 01:45:21 PM »
I'm thinking of fitting 15 inch alloys to my 2013 Jazz in place of the 16 inch ones and wonder if the wheels from the Civic will fit the Jazz ok?

Why 15's?

They'll look lost in the Arches in my opinion.

The 15" wheels with higher profile tyre give a much better ride and an infinitely greater choice of tyres at much lower prices.  When I take winter tyres off my wifes Jazz in March and refit 16" wheels I am always struck by how much harsher the ride is, and noisier - she would happily leave 175/65R15 on all year round.  The handling does not feel quite a sharp with higher profile,  but the Jazz is no sports car and unless you want to drive like a loony it will not be so noticeable.

This could well be the year I get 15" alloys for her car and enjoy the benefit of much cheaper tyres, a lot more choice of tyres and better ride (her 16" alloys may well need a refurb anyway and that costs around £50 a wheel about the same as brand new 15" alloys from mytyres - so will actually be cheaper rather than spending more money buying rare and expensive 185/55 tyres again).

The outside diameter is same as 185/55R16 but there is more tyre and less wheel,  so space taken up in wheel arch is exactly the same, maybe black / dark grey alloys would look better as difference in colour between tyre and wheel would not be so different.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Wheel compatability
« Last post by John A on Today at 01:30:50 PM »
If the overall diameter is roughly the same I can't see why they look odd in the wheel arches.

Maybe having a small amount of wheel proportionally compared to tyre?

I think the 16 inch wheels tyres look too thin, and am looking at getting some all season tyres fitted, so will check out the Goodyear option. They seemed to do almost as well as the Michelin CrossClimate tyres in a test I read on-line.
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: What would you change for the MK4 JAZZ?
« Last post by trebor1652 on Today at 01:15:40 PM »
Strictly speaking it's a face lifted mk3 not a MK4.

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