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Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Ban on gas heating for new UK homes
« Last post by Rory on Today at 05:14:41 PM »
Improving them is another matter.

It's a can of worms insulating and sealing up a house that was never meant to be like that, especially in the attic.  An old builder friend is dead against cavity wall insulation if the house wasn't built with it in.  Mind you, it's rarely fitted properly (kept away from the outer brick skin) even on new houses.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Loan car different
« Last post by Rory on Today at 04:02:23 PM »
Other daughter has a 3 cyl 1 litre engined SEAT Ateca - seems a lot of car for such an engine but it goes OK and the engine is very quiet, all but silent in the car.

It was against that car that I was interested to try the HR-V.  It's extremely unlikely she'd have gone for the HR-V but it never even got a chance.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Climate change.
« Last post by zzaj on Today at 03:50:18 PM »
I take the view that it is not 'the end of the Earth' but merely the end of mankind's time as the dominant species. In much the same way that the age of the dinosaurs came to an end and things changed drastically in favour of mammals, the coming catastrophe will simply change the makeup of life on Earth. Earth itself will endure.


The real problem is population growth.

Many "under developed"countries have seen a population growth of 3 times in 50 years, e.g. Nigeria or India, all of whom will become consumers of stuff.

Just read this to be (a) shocked (b) see the scale of the problem quite soon.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Loan car different
« Last post by MicktheMonster on Today at 03:41:25 PM »
Engines seem to be noisier nowadays, last week I had a Vauxhall Astra 1.0 turbo petrol hire car, it drove well but was so noisy I was convinced it was a diesel till I refuelled it to hand it back, I also found Ford Ecoboost engines to be quiet raucous, I also found you had to work them fairly hard to unleash the power, so all in, not much difference from the latest Jazz really.
DIY Guides / Re: CVT oil change - include the filter?
« Last post by zzaj on Today at 03:40:23 PM »
Your car should have had three CVT oil changes by now. It is due every two years or 25k miles whichever is the soonest.
The dealer suggestion of a filter change at 30k doesn't tie in with this interval.
I have never heard of a filter being changed and I'm not sure that it is accessible from outside the gearbox.


Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Ban on gas heating for new UK homes
« Last post by John Ratsey on Today at 03:35:40 PM »
I'd never thought about it before, but I guess without a cavity the entire fabric of the house is a cold bridge.
The thermal performance can be improved by such measures as an internal lining of insulation-backed plasterboard or an external layer of expanded polystyrene covered by rendering. Plus a foot of fibreglass insulation in the attic. Flats have fewer external surfaces so should be cheaper to improve *although be careful with external insulation).

I've got an infra-red thermometer which makes it easier to find the cold spots. Improving them is another matter.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Loan car different
« Last post by Rory on Today at 02:41:37 PM »
I had a brand new Jazz courtesy car last Sept when took daughter's car in (she won't go to the dealer any more).

I was amazed at how "cheap" it felt, and it was certainly noisy.

Not the way to encourage owners to upgrade their existing car.   Mind you, the dealer had (un-asked for) told me I'd be having a HR-V, which I was looking forward to trying without any sales pressure.  I asked why I wasn't having that and they just shrugged.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Service costs
« Last post by Rory on Today at 02:35:55 PM »
Possibly, although they haven't really got the volume now for the fall to be "big".   

That said, a sizeable chunk of current sales must be to employees and family and friends, so I guess that will cease going forwards.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Service costs
« Last post by plasma on Today at 02:28:10 PM »
I can see a big fall in sales now that Honda are leaving the UK.

Hybrid / Re: Turning off the stop-start?
« Last post by ColinS on Today at 01:52:39 PM »
On the CVT I don't like the fact that you can't go into neutral at the lights without the engine coming back on. At a longer stop I find the tension in the old right leg being kept on the brake is, quite literally, a pain. In a manual car, it's into neutral, handbrake on, feet off the pedals. Impossible to do this in a CVT with start/stop.

Not that it helps you much, but on the 2019 HR-V they have changed it.  If you have "Brake Hold" switched on then you can gently brake to a stop to engage it, once engaged, you can take your foot off the brake.  Further pressure on the foot brake when you come to a stop will activate the auto-stop.  Again you can remove your foot from the peddle and it will stay activated.  Hopefully this will find it's way to the Jazz before too long.

The downside, as far as other motorists are concerned, is that the brake lights stay on.
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