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Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: WhatCar? Used car award 2017
« Last post by coffeecup on Today at 12:17:10 PM »
It might improve if they lowered the 'age requirement' to under 65.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Productivity.
« Last post by sparky Paul on Today at 11:12:01 AM »
Productivity has been falling against an index of other nations.

They seem to think they have to present news in a way that your average numbskull can understand, even if that does make it factually incorrect.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Productivity.
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 07:07:34 AM »
I am getting on my high horse here, but once again the British media - and the BBC in particular - are feeding us fake news.
Today I was listening to the BBC reporter rambling on about why productivity is falling in the UK and rising in the rest of Europe. What kack. The announcement in the budget, by the chancellor, that production forecast will be reduced from 2% to 1.5% is not a FALL in production but a reduction in the forecast RISE in production.
If a man makes 1000 washers an hour now, and makes 1020/hr next year, that is a 2% rise. If he makes 1015/hr next year that is a 1.5% rise. Even if he still makes 1000/hr it is still not a drop in production. Only if he fails to make 1000/hr has production fallen.
The British media and the BBC continually dis the UK in whatever way they can. Journalists, for the most part, are a shower of ***kers.
Rant over for today.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: WhatCar? Used car award 2017
« Last post by 123Drive! on Today at 12:42:58 AM »
And we live in a country with free press- that's so sad, TG!  :(Consumers don't even know the truth! Lol!
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: Alternative Gearbox oil.
« Last post by vincereynard on November 23, 2017, 10:41:08 PM »

Thanks for that. For some reason I did not see your image the first time.

I've made a couple of 3 metre wooden ramps that allow me to drive straight up and then raise with
a scaffold pole across both and a single trolley jack in the middle.  When I can clear the garage getting it level should be easy enough.

I've also bought -  so filling it should be easy.

Honda Jazz Mk1 FAQ / Re: Honda Jazz 2002-2008 noisy manual gearbox/shaft bearing problem
« Last post by Jocko on November 23, 2017, 09:09:51 PM »
I cannot comment on mine. Gearbox oil may or may not have been changed as it had done almost 90K before I got it. Should be done at 72K, or sooner if lots of short trips (what do "they" consider short).
I have heard of gearboxes failing well before 72K.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: WhatCar? Used car award 2017
« Last post by TG on November 23, 2017, 08:49:35 PM »
Only trouble with Jazz, well all Hondas really, is the sales volume is so much lower than VAG & Ford, I believe there is a slight element of preaching to the choir in What Car, they probably don't wish to tell the majority of their readers that they bought the wrong car.

Although I'd agree with peteo48 that the Fiesta is a better drive.
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: Alternative Gearbox oil.
« Last post by TG on November 23, 2017, 08:41:45 PM »
Is this the filler plug?  Seems nigh on impossible from the top, so up on the ramps the only way?
I don't think you can do the spanner work from above, in my picture above you'll see the 17mm spanner is fed up from below or you can fit a socket extension on from the side.  You will need to cut a bit off the garden hose and 'borrow' a funnel from the kitchen.  I put my car on 4 stands to get the fill hole level, well 3 stands actually as the garage floor wasn't quite flat and body stiff enough not to twist.  Not sure if level fore & aft is as important as side to side, but seemed sense to get the whole car flat.
Is there a link between noisy gearbox bearings and not getting the gearbox oil changed on time?
New Members / Re: hello
« Last post by RichardA on November 23, 2017, 08:19:24 PM »
Hello and welcome. :)
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