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Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Startling experience
« Last post by shufty on Today at 03:45:16 PM »
.ACC has only ever affected me for the current lane. As long as I indicate and overtake before it kicks in then I've had no problems at all.
If you are too slow however then yes sudden braking occurs.
Vehicles at the side of me have never interfered.
Mine is set to the shortest distance which If I remember correctly is closer to the vehicle in front than some other users have mentioned.
My 2nd service is due next week at which time the camera recall work will be done.
Let's hope it doesn't make things worse!  :o :-X
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Startling experience
« Last post by PaultheManc on Today at 03:36:21 PM »
Following up on my original post, I drove to Scotland up the M6 on 12 September 2023 and experienced 4 incidents similar to the original.  All 4 involved large artics.  All involved ACC as I commonly choose to disable all the other 'intelligent' safety options I can.  In one incident, the car 'braked' (rapidly slowed down) when just overtaking a truck on the inside lane of three, with me in the centre lane.  The three others all involved moving from the outside lane to the centre lane where the ACC seems to assume I am following the inside lane truck and 'brakes', even though I am actually entering the centre lane.
On this occasion I captured multiple events on my DashCam.  I have managed to find and review one of the incidents which demonstrate this issue.  As with the original post, there was another occurrence (not the one in this video) where a truck which I had already overtaken, was moving into the centre lane aiming to overtake the truck I was passing, at the same time I was moving into the centre lane ahead of him.  My Jazz 'braked', as shown on the video, which caused the following truck to have to take evasive action.  Yet again, it was a good truck driver who immediately took evasive action - and then gave me a good flashing when I pulled away (not unreasonably).
I see this as a major safety risk and plan to share with Honda and relevant Government bodies.  Does this seem appropriate?
(The video is very short to limit bandwidth use - but I do have longer versions -  but does show the Jazz slowing from 63pmh to 54mph as it moves into the centre lane.)
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Used 1.4 Jazz questions
« Last post by HonZen on Today at 03:22:30 PM »
I am buying used mk1 Jazz, 1.4, manual.Year 2006,2007,2008.

My question is what are the differences between the Sport model and the normal one? Is the ground clearance on a sport model lower? Which is a better buy?

I will be using it in a city, motorway, some hills driving, rural roads here and there.
Thank you!
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Failure on My Honda +
« Last post by angelicum on Today at 02:33:16 PM »
Hello, good since last Thursday, I am having problems with the connection on My Honda+, the instrumentation indicates a failure in the emergency call, the emergency call light is red and in the multimedia system the connection indicator appears with the car off. At the dealership they tell me that it is a system problem that they are trying to solve, I live in Spain. Is it happening to you?
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Honda price increases
« Last post by shufty on Today at 01:37:07 PM »
... Not everyone wants to sink a chunk of cash into a new car just to own it outright from the start.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Tyres
« Last post by Lord Voltermore on Today at 01:08:41 PM »
I have two sets of wheels, one original Yokohama summer (which will go with the car when its sold) and a second set on all seasons (which I will keep for my next car  -I need winter legal tyres for europe) 
I recently put my all seasons wheels back on the car after getting some wear out of my summer tyres.  . I wondered if I'd notice more noise or other downsides.    But no,there was hardly any difference.   But the weather is still warm.  All seasons are more flexible than summer tyres in cold weather, so may then have even more of an advantage.     

I  notice in countries where it was usual to fit winter tyres  a large proportion now use all season tyres all year.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Tyres
« Last post by Jazzik on Today at 12:46:45 PM »
I agree with LV and embee's opinion.
Here in Poland (where we sometimes still have real winters) I always had 2 sets of wheels: 1 set with summer and 1 with winter tires. Since 2008, wheels have always been changed twice a year (sometimes too early, sometimes too late).
Until 2021. After reading a lot of tests and information at a renowned tire shop, we decided to have our Jazz delivered on all seasons.
So far very satisfied with the Vredestein Quatracs. Indeed, it is a compromise, but considering that we no longer participate in rallies and races and no longer push the limits...
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Tyres
« Last post by peteo48 on Today at 12:27:01 PM »
I have to say I am finding the arguments advanced on this thread for all season tyres pretty convincing.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Honda price increases
« Last post by CB72 on Today at 12:24:06 PM »
You can get a new Jazz for 24,000. A bit more expensive than the competition, a new Yaris can be had for 21,000. (Prices from Autotrader)
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