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Forum Rules (Please read)
« on: August 31, 2009, 10:22:12 AM »
Clubjazz Forum Rules
Last updated: 31 July 2014.

These rules are designed to allow us all to get along with each other. Registration is considered acceptance of these rules.

1. User Accounts

- Usernames must not contain advertising, email addresses or any words likely to cause offence.
- We do not allow registrations using disposable email addresses. Please keep your email address up to date.
- Only one account per person allowed.
- Accounts maybe deleted upon request. Your posts will not normally be deleted.

2. External Links & Promotional Content
- No advertising or promotion of products or services except by Traders in Trader forums.
- Referral or affiliate links (including 'spam') are strictly not allowed.
- No links in signatures except to personal webpages including photo galleries, fuel logs, social media pages, etc.

3. Behaviour & Language

- All posts must be made in English. Please consider the use of spelling and grammar.
- All content must be suitable for viewing in a work or public environment and by all ages unless labelled as NSFW (Not Safe For Work).
- Please consider how what you write will be perceived by others.
- Trolling, Feeding the Trolls and false identities ('Sock Puppetry') are strictly not allowed.
- Do not post any offensive, racist, inflammatory or discriminatory content.
- Do not post any personal attacks on individuals or companies.
- No circumnavigating the word filter.
- No text speak and avoid posting titles and posts in capitals as it's perceived on the internet as shouting.

4. Privacy Issues & Illegal content

- Do not post any copyrighted material - including but not limited to Honda workshop manuals - unless you have permission from the copyright holder.
- No boasting or promotion of illegal practices including but not limited to, street racing, insurance fronting, speeding and circumnavigating laws, including non motoring laws.
- Modifications to your car that do not comply with UK or EU laws (e.g., non factory fit xenon light kits) must be stated as such when discussed in the forums.
- All content maybe indexed by search engines never post any private information, including email addresses and telephone numbers unless happy to do so.

5. Post monitoring & Forum moderation

- Topics maybe deleted, moved to another forum, split or locked at the discretion of the Administrator in order to help visitors find information.
- Topic titles maybe edited to be made clearer if they're too vague or generic.
- Posts that violate any of these rules will be edited or deleted at our discretion.
- Members that violate these rules maybe warned or temporarily or permanently banned at the discretion of the Administrator.
- The Administrator's decisions are final.

6. Additional rules for Marketplace

- You will need a minimum of ten (10) posts to buy or sale in the forums.
- Only items suitable for Honda Jazz or cars in general are allowed.
- Goods that are illegal or make unsubstantiated claims are strictly not allowed.
- Do not share personal information this must be done using Personal Messages.
- You must include your own pictures no stock images allowed. Links to images on your ebay auction or image hosting page are allowed.
- No linking to adverts on other sites (except in the ebay forum)
- No gauging of interest.
- You must have the goods to sale no selling on others' behalf.
- No topic spoiling stay off the topic if you have no interest in buying.
- Private sales only in For Sale & Wanted forums. Traders are welcome to use these forums for private adverts.
- All commercial sales only by approved Traders and only in the Traders' forums.
- No bumping (pushing your advert to the top to improve visibility).
- All adverts after six months will be moved to the Marketplace Archive forum.
- Clubjazz is not responsible for any items, transactions or agreements made between buyer and seller.


Clubjazz is not responsible for third party content.
All views expressed are that of the original author and not that of Clubjazz.
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Re: Forum Rules (Please read)
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2016, 02:16:16 PM »
Just to remind you all, no gauging of interest in the For Sale section please - if you wish to sell something please list it as such.

And please remember to add pictures to your For Sale adverts (a link to your ebay auction or photo hosting pages are OK).

See this link below if you need to resize your pictures or use a site like to reduce the size down to something manageable (a width of 800px would be suitable for advert pictures):
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