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Plus, I'm dubious whether the inner seat heat is drying out the side false leather causing the cracks for some. Just a theory but after researching and reading that flexible PVC and the like should not be allowed to dry.

The heaters are only below the cloth bits. I use the heaters regularly in winter and have seen no problems with the fake leather so far.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Roof Interior Grab Handles Removal
« Last post by GBH on Today at 12:14:10 PM »
How do you remove the covers on the ends of the handles? The covers (presumably over the screws) will not come off.
I've had heated seats on previous cars and when tested I've always found my body heat warms the seat before I feel any heat coming through the seat material.

Plus, I'm dubious whether the inner seat heat is drying out the side false leather causing the cracks for some. Just a theory but after researching and reading that flexible PVC and the like should not be allowed to dry.

I've only previously had heated seats under real leather.
I press the demist button.  It concentrates most of  the available engine heat, fan air, and any dehumidifying effect of the air conditioning  for that one purpose rather than wasting it trying to also warm passengers.    It works quite quickly,defrosting and demisting  better than most cars I've had.  Saves having to stop to take off the excess warm  clothing when the car heats up. .Been there, done that.Got the T shirt  (worn as an extra layer)     

Must admit I previously  regarded heated seats as an unnecessary and  decadent extravagance and probably would have opted out of paying extra for them. And might still do so for a conventional i.c.e. car.  .  But they have a definite advantage on range on a full EV, and therefore of petrol consumption on a hybrid.   Plus they are pleasant.   I can rough it when necessary with extra clothes. Have sometimes  slept with a bedroom at minus 9c or colder.   But if you have heated seats but not using them out of principle then  I beg to differ.   I could manage without a heated steering wheel in the UK  but have used it and can see the advantage if you live in colder climates.  Driving without fur mittens  ;D
I agree.

I like to drive round in about 21C so that's what my Auto CC is set to all year round. I don't use either the heated seats or steering wheel.

I'm very pleased how quick warm air does start to be felt. Definitely quicker than my old 9G Civic.
My 2006 1.2S returned a calculated figure of 55 mpg over six and a half years and 62.500 miles. When I moved to Edinburgh and started to do more urban driving, the mpg dropped off considerably.

Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: Fuel smell in engine oil
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 09:03:38 AM »
All I can suggest is you get dirty and check the fuel lines for possible leaks. It depends on where and how you drive but 43 mpg doesn't sound like you have a major leak.
I would have a look at the air filter element (if you haven't already) and try a short journey with the fuel filler cap off. It may be the vent pipe that is blocked/crimped.
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - 2020 / Re: Camera for reversing
« Last post by Lord Voltermore on Today at 08:59:15 AM »
When I looked into mirror systems a few years ago the video display was only a small part of the mirror, maybe half.   But now all adverts seem to show the whole mirror utilised. But is it significant that the images shown always seem to be photoshopped  side views of exotic cars etc, not realistic rear views?     Have the systems really improved this much or is it just the new norm for advertising moral standards  ?  I would want to know more about the real field of view that is displayed. It may be there in the small print. 

If the car has a built in infotainment screen that is  compatible with an aftermarket  reversing camera I think I  would prefer that option .   

I have one as standard on my Mk4 EX. They are very useful and worth the trouble of fitting. 
I normally leave the cabin temperature setting at my usual  21c,  and get warm on colder days by using the heated seats .These warm you up very quickly and its more energy  efficient.  Even when its quite cold I can often switch them off, or down,  after about a mile.By which time the cabin temperature has reached a comfortable enough temperature to do without them.   The engine may still be running more and not using EV until cabin temperature reaches its target  temperature (either raised with heat, or lowered with aircon)   but it will  rise to 21c much sooner than 25c.

I cant say I've ever noticed it reaching 10 bars before EV kicks in,  but maybe it does. Does NZ specification include heated seats ?

Slightly off-topic, but I never quite understand this sort of comment. For me, the main reason for needing heat in winter is not to warm up the occupants (they have the ability to use a new-fangled technical innovation called … “warm clothes”!), but to clear condensation from the screen and other windows as quickly as possible. Personally I don’t like wiping the inside because I can never get it completely streak-free, so I need a source of warm air. How do those folks who rely on the heated seats clear the screen?
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