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How to unpin from rear light LED connector
« on: March 19, 2023, 10:43:30 AM »
Hi people,
I need help with the electric LED cable to the rear (fog) light on a Honda Jazz Hybrid 1.5 eHEV MK4 GR301 LHD. 
Does someone of you know 
i) how to remove a pin from the white connector (see image)? I think the pin is located in the square-shaped hole and a tool needs to be inserted into the slit underneath for unpinning. Is that correct? Which tool do I need? How is the holding mechanism of the pin and at what angle do I need to push?
ii) what is the name of that pin and where can I buy an additional one.
I will need that information to install a rear fog light for conversion from European to UK.
Attached you will find images of the connector from different sides and also with the little latch removed to see the pins inside.

Any help is appreciated.

Lord Voltermore

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Re: How to unpin from rear light LED connector
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2023, 01:07:25 PM »
The wires seem to be crimped to the terminals  and the terminals may be a 'once only' insertion into the plastic block. ie they are not designed to come out easily. 

The following terminals look similar. They may not be correct but the same site may sell others that are correct.

Ideally you need the correct crimping tool -I cant help there. The same site may sell the tool but it will probably be expensive for a single job.    Attempting to crimp terminals without using  the correct tool are often unreliable  .The best alternative is to solder the wires to the terminal  . 

Or Honda may list just the part of  the wiring loom you need,  with the wires included, that are already connected to the plastic block you show  at one end, with another plastic block at the other end where it plugs into the main wiring loom.

You may find other alternatives ,or if you cant find an identical terminal  or pins  , cut the wires  ,discard the old terminal completely, and solder in both parts of a similar  more readily available connector . 
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