Author Topic: pool of water under n/s rear mud flap when wet car parked in garage  (Read 354 times)

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I have a 2016 1.3 Jazz CVT Mk3 and for sometime notice that when I have put it in the garage when the car has been in rain over night a small pool of water appears under the rear n/s mudflap. In sub zero temp a small icicle can form on the mud flap. In the absence of any workshop manual (Haynes) for this year car does anyone know if a drain of some sort comes out there possible from fuel filler drain? My only other thought was that the mud flap (i'm 2nd owner and car came with honda flaps already fitted) was holding water and it was seeping out but would have thought the other flaps would be similar. May need to take off the offending mud flap to see if it cures the issue. Any ideas?

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Re: pool of water under n/s rear mud flap when wet car parked in garage
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I dont know the answer,but cars usually have several  drain pipes and holes.

  Try a bit of experimentation in dry weather.  Use a watering can to pour some water into the flap area (with fuel cap on  ;) ) to see if it drains through where described.
If it does thats probably as intended. And would only be on this side.   If the draining seems to be slower than you would expect its possible the drain hole /pipe is partially clogged with dirt, dead leaves  etc . You may be able to clear this with some careful poking with a bit of wire etc or squirting water.   
You could also test other areas such as boot lid join, and roof channelling.     I'd expect these areas to drain  on both sides of the car . 
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Sorry if its too long winded. I failed my brevity exam at school. Ran out of paper.


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