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Re: Automatic Headlights in bad weather.
« Reply #15 on: September 20, 2017, 12:39:09 PM »
here in both Devon and Cornwall they have removed the central white line any where there is road narrowing. So in the lanes you will suddenly be aware NO white lines. Almost inevitably at the same time a flipping great tractor will come into view filling the road. I suppose it makes one aware that the road is only wide enough for that bloke bigger than you.  I have noticed an increase in painting a solid white line along the edge, which I believe is meant that you must not stop. In some of our roads the chance would be a good thing they are too flipping narrow.
Has anyone noticed the plethora of road markings that appear to be unique to the local authority you have the misfortune to be driving through.

I think if a road is less than 19 foot (5.5 metres) wide the central line is not there anyway,  it is deemed that two separate lanes of traffic can no longer safely exist and vehicles cannot pass and one will give way ??  - that has been standard for a long time. 

4.34 Where the carriageway is less than 5.5m in
width, the centre line should be omitted (see
para 4.6) but edge lines, where used, continued.
Where edge lines are not already in use, their
introduction over the length where the centre line is
interrupted will help draw attention to the hazard.

Solid white line has nothing to do with parking etc.  it is just a driver aid (and a very good one) to clearly show where edge of road is.  I think the white line along edge of road is a good idea - they have had them in Shropshire for years now and they really help at night (a lot more useful than the centre line when oncoming headlights blind you and you avert your eyes to the left).
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Re: Automatic Headlights in bad weather.
« Reply #16 on: September 20, 2017, 12:47:13 PM »
I know we are drifting off the thread, but what really annoys me is the heavy reliance being made of destinations between lane markings, at busy, multi-lane roundabouts.

This is great when the roundabout is quiet, as in the photograph, but the Sheriffhall roundabout (shown) is usually choked with traffic, both queuing to get on and queuing to get round, and the markings are invisible. If you get in the wrong lane, you have no option but to leave on the wrong road or cause annoyance to other drivers by stopping or trying to swap lanes. More signs like these would be welcome.

White lines at the edge of the road are quite common here. Especially on bends.


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