Author Topic: Honda Jazz Sport (GD) HID Projector install guide.  (Read 5477 times)


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Honda Jazz Sport (GD) HID Projector install guide.
« on: March 21, 2016, 10:45:05 PM »
Hi all,
been dormant a while. All my focus has been on bikes and my Saab recently (well, wouldn't you with 320bhp on tap) But last year I did an HID projector install on the wife's Jazz. I've left it over the winter months to see how it's gone, how easy it is to drive with them, how reliable it's been and how I've grown to love (or hate) them.
I fitted one pair of these (Dipped and sidelight)

And one pair of these:

Personally, I love it and I'd do it to the next car in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose. I'm running HIDs on the dipped beam and standard bulbs on the high beam.
The boring bit: they are illegal...there is no self levelling system nor are there headlight washers, therefore they are not road legal. My MOT place passed the car and only remarked on this when I asked. He was very happy with the beam which was crisp so it didn't cause me trouble. If there were headlamp washers, it ought to be a pass anywhere. Tester's discretion perhaps.

You'll end up with this...

After removing the headlights (if you struggle to do this, I wouldn't recommend going further) you need to remove all the 'bits' from the back (I left the leveling motor in), bulb holders so you're left with the bare headlight.
This goes in the oven - like so:

After 7-10 minutes at 100 degrees Celcius, use a couple of flat bladed screwdrivers to split the headlight from the backing. It will be in 3 parts. The backing, the inner and the perspex.

I decided to split the dipped beam and main beam. The main beam would sit where the indicator was, the dipped beam would be where the H4 bulb sat and the indicator would move to the sidelight position. The sidelight is the angel eye incorporated into the projector housing.

The dipped beam sat nicely.

Cables carefully guided back for the high beam solenoid (which I'm not using) and CCFL angel eyes.

I took apart the second projector and cut down the reflector to fit behind the indicator location.
You can see the hi/low beam solenoid and beam cutoff plate.

Then fitted the reflector.

At this point, I took the projector lens and fitted it (araldited the plastic holder) to the indicator position. I removed the front lens from the indicator but kept the clear side section and refitted it. You'll need to use a hacksaw to cut through it. Then file it down to keep it looking neat. Handle the glass lens very carefully, as well as with gloves. Last thing you want is fingerprints or dust ruining a clean lens - if on the inside, they will be magnified and very visible on the outside.

And the result:

Comparing to an original Sport headlight:

Showing the indicator (A COB 5W indicator). I had to use a pair of motorcycle LED indicator resistors to slow the rate down to legal levels.

and with main beam.

Finally fitted and the HID light on the offside (UK RHD) with an Osram nightbreaker in it. Very white vs very yellow!

I used an H1 HID loom and spurred off it's positive lead in order to provide power to both the dipped and main beam when you activate it otherwise you end up with dipped beam switching off when you activate it.
The looms need to be extended for indicator and sidelight but I just made link-looms and used self amalgamating tape to hold the additional connections in place.

One big thing I found was that I had to remove he locating lug on the H4 plate mount as the Jazz has a rotation on the bulb in its housing of around 15 degrees up to the nearside. You need to therefore rotate the housing 15 degrees to compensate and this means removing the lug or you end up with an unacceptable beam cast. That was about the only ball ache.

SMD LED fog bulbs finished the project off nicely.

Overall, it has updated the look of the car and I'm dead chuffed. Total cost of project about 8-10 hours of my time and about 70 in parts. Thought I'd share.
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Re: Honda Jazz Sport (GD) HID Projector install guide.
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2022, 01:29:41 PM »
Sorry, thread necromancer here.

Fantastic job you did there, looks very professional.

I could never understand the rule of making aftermarket HID illegal ( even though the beam pattern is perfect) just because you don't have headlight washers. have you considered maybe modding this as well and install some washers from a different car?


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Re: Honda Jazz Sport (GD) HID Projector install guide.
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2022, 03:14:48 PM »
Helpful write up to those wishing to have a conversion rather than fitting just bulbs when originals fail


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Re: Honda Jazz Sport (GD) HID Projector install guide.
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2022, 05:39:47 PM »
Under the Road Traffic Act 1988 it is an offence to supply, fit or use vehicle parts which are not legal.

In summary: it is not permitted to convert an existing halogen headlamp unit for use with HID bulbs. The entire headlamp unit must be replaced with one designed and approved for use with HID bulbs

Also requires self levelling and washing


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