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Naviwax Group Buy
« on: April 28, 2014, 06:22:57 PM »
Hey guys, 
Just seeing if there is any interest in these to arrange a group buy for.
Not too sure if its popular around here but thought why not give you guys something new to try out since I can get them in  :)
IONCOAT NAVIWAX is a Japanese manufactured carnauba wax. It is the easiest and arguably one of the best all round waxes. - 


Manufactured in Japan, NAVIWAX is arguably the easiest applied and best finishing Wax in its class.

NAVIWAX can be applied and polished up in seconds to produce a stunning, long lasting, deep lustre shine that will bring your paintwork to life whilst Incorporating IONCOAT technology to help protect paintwork from the elements.

Each 250gm tin contains enough wax for at least 30+ applications and can be applied not only to paintwork but also, plastic trim, glass, mirrors, motorcycle visors etc.

NAVIWAX leaves no chalky residue
Naviwax Dark - 37

Naviwax Light - 37

Naviwax Ultimate Wax 55 

Riding on the back of the already excellent and much-loved regular Naviwax, Naviwax Ultimate is a truly astounding wax.

This Japanese product punches well above its weight, and gives an even deeper and longer-lasting shine. Its beading qualities are simply superb, and it will even hide swirl marks in paintwork to an extent.

Longevitiy is also key here, and this stuff will last relentlessly for months on end. It has around 37% of pure Grade 1 Carnauba Wax in the ingredients, adding to its ability in out-classing other more expensive waxes. It can be used on any colour paint, rubber or plastic. Lasting longer than the standard Naviwax - which has about 23% of Grade 1 Carnauba and will also bead and sheet water better.

With Ultimate you don't need to spend hours preparing your bodywork before applying it.

Application and removal is ultra-easy, as the wax goes on like melting butter so is easy to spread and only a little is needed per panel. Unlike the regular Naviwax, this can be left to cure for a little longer. We'd only apply it to 2 panels at a time though.

Apply when the car is still wet directly after washing for best results. Wipe on allow to cure for 60 seconds then wipe off. Gloss, water beading and dead easy!
*Prices above include postage*
Minimum Order is 20 

I have 10 from another group already :)


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