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Hi all,

Mum recently sold her 2011 Jazz EX and we subsequently found this little used shelf that has been in her garage for 8 years. I believe they were standard on some Mark 2 models.

Collect from Brentwood, Essex for a charitable donation of your choice.
New Members / Re: New to forum and Jazz ownership
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 01:54:38 PM »
Welcome. I had a Vivid Blue Pearl 2006 S and it was a great little car, before the rust bug got it. Extremely reliable, very economical and fun to drive.

Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Motorway MINIMUM speed limit
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 01:51:00 PM »
Please note that the CitroŽn Ami isnít a car by legal standards Ė itís a quadricycle (the same designation given to a quad bike), and therefore it conforms to far fewer safety regulations than most other four-wheeled vehicles. The Ami does not come with airbags, is illegal to drive on the motorway and has a maximum speed of 28mph, so driving this vehicle on roads where the speed limit is above 30mph is strongly advised against.,30mph%20is%20strongly%20advised%20against.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Motorway MINIMUM speed limit
« Last post by crosstarhonda on Today at 01:41:18 PM »
Well, the new CitroŽn Ami has a max speed of 29mph, can be driven by a 16 year old and can legally use a motorway! So whoever the police officer was needs to understand the legislation because PACE would not stand and any reports to the CPS would not srand!!
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Garmin Map Update Procedure
« Last post by Jazzik on Today at 01:13:03 PM »
The map in the car was dated 21 so a bit old.

There is not "the map"...
You have to go through all (no, not all...) the maps to check if there are maps 21, 22 and hopefully also 23 to know if you have the most recent update.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Garmin Map Update Procedure
« Last post by Terryp on Today at 11:59:12 AM »
The map in the car was dated 21 so a bit old. I am going to use the mobile version of Tom Tom go and connect it via Apple play. Always like my Tom Tom satnav so now itís mobile itís even better, plus it has live traffic and speed cameras.
New Members / Re: New to forum and Jazz ownership
« Last post by madasafish on Today at 10:22:40 AM »
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - 2020 / Re: handbrake clunk
« Last post by Kremmen on Today at 03:40:52 AM »
On the 4 I wait for it to fully stop, then pull the lever and wait a second or 2 before releasing the footbrake and there is zero movement.

If you release the tootbrake too early you can get a slight twitch.
New Members / New to forum and Jazz ownership
« Last post by PJB on March 26, 2023, 08:34:41 PM »
Ive just joined and taking a look around the forum so thought Iíd say hi.
Iíve just bought my first Jazz as hopefully budget busting reliable motoring. I set out to find a cheap Jazz as a mate of mine has a 2007 plate with about 200k on the clock and itís still going strong with no sign of giving up yet. Iíve managed to find an Ice Blue 2007 plate Jazz S, I took a gamble and bought it at auction as a Cat N because some toe rag had nicked the catalytic converter off of it but itís an elderly owner car with full service history and only 25 thousand miles on it. So far Iíve serviced it and replaced the entire exhaust,all new discs and pads and gone all over it underneath looking for rust etc. Underbody wise there was a small amount of scaly surface rust just by the rear tow eye and some around the rad support. Iíve cleaned the entire underside until spotless then scotchbrited and sprayed the whole lot. The rear axle was fairly flaky all over same as most of the front steering and suspension components so all have been rubbed down and painted. Iíve a few small parking dents to sort and chips to touch in when the weather improves but hopefully everthing Iím doing will preserve the Jazz for years to come as the idea is to start with a goodun and keep it for the long term future.
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - 2020 / Re: handbrake clunk
« Last post by Lord Voltermore on March 26, 2023, 05:44:35 PM »
The electric handbrake on the mk 4  can be quite sensitive to how slowly and carefully the handbrake is applied.
Can you explain further? I thought you just toggled an electrical switch and it came on of its own volition?
It comes on automatically  if you have it in 'brake hold' mode .  The brakes are held on  at the same pressure you used to brake to a complete stop.  But if  you toggle the electrical switch yourself   its best to wait a second or two until the car has settled down  on its springs.   .  Difficult to explain  but when you apply the electric handbrake the power braking action tends to  induce the rear of the car to rise slightly.  So slight you dont normally notice.  But if it happens at the same time as the car is naturally  settling on its springs the two actions may conflict, and there may be a slight lurch or groan.   I may have got the forces involved the wrong way round    but the result is noticeable for me , but very slight. 

What you definitely want to avoid with electric handbrake is applying it very  slightly before you come to a complete stop  (a bad habit I had acquired.    :-[ )  If you do the braking action is so powerful  you really lurch to a stop. 
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