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Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by sparky Paul on Today at 09:04:07 PM »
How on earth can they expect to nationalise the railways, the utilities and Royal Mail while/ if we are in EU?

Why not? In many EU countries, most of those sectors are state owned and run, and indeed many other sectors too.

EU laws do not forbid nationalisation. There are, however, rules in some sectors that require members states to allow competition in some sectors, such as railways and postal, but not in others, such as water. However, even in sectors where competition is allowed, member states do have wide powers to regulate, for example to make sure a universal postal service remains viable.
My car is 13 years old and 112,000 miles with its soft paint.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by zzaj on Today at 08:41:51 PM »
I case you missed this gem!  :o

"Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday [today], Theresa May said she had wanted to deliver Brexit on 29 March.

"But, I'm conscious of my duties as prime minister to all parts of our United Kingdom and of the damage to that union leaving without a deal could do, when one part of it is without devolved government and unable therefore to prepare properly," she said.

The prime minister said it:

 "would not have been appropriate" for no-deal to go ahead on 29 March because "the Northern Ireland civil service do not have the powers to take necessary decisions in the event of no deal".

Mrs May told MPs a no-deal Brexit would require some "direct application of powers" from Westminster to Northern Ireland.

"If there is no Stormont government, if powers are needed and ministerial direction is needed which is not available to the civil servants currently, it would require some form of direct application of powers here from Westminster," she said."

I think that this is, to say the least, disingenuous or stupid.

No doubt they will have the powers by 12 April? Or not? Or what? Did they just forget?

Surely someone should be sacked for such an oversight!  >:(
hi you would rather have soft paint and rust coming through stone chips easy but runs ok you not to fussy about your cars appearance by the sound of it pal
hi you would rather have paint that rubs off and stone chips so easy you not to fussy about your motors appearance by the sound of it you should get both for the price pal
yer you go pay all that money you wont agood car and good paint work unelss your not fussy
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: WTO rules?
« Last post by zzaj on Today at 08:01:41 PM »

From the last sentence in the article:

"The day's activities were kicked off by the unfurling of a large banner on Westminster Bridge that read "Love socialism, hate Brexit".

I am sure Momentum were not too happy with that one. How on earth can they expect to nationalise the railways, the utilities and Royal Mail while/ if we are in EU?
Checked my tyre pressures and they are spot on. Since seeing how good my mpg figure was I found my coasting a lot "freer", a bit like how the car always feels smoother on the way back with a fresh MOT than it does on the way to the testing station.
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: I'm outta here :)
« Last post by andruec on Today at 07:50:29 PM »
On my RAV4 you push the light stalk forward for main beam, and it is automatic if the lights are already set to automatic. There’s a full beam with an A icon that shows up on the dash, and an additional blue light to show when full beam is actually on. If your lights are on manual then main beam is also on manual. Makes sense really.
The Corolla also has a separate button below the wheel on the parcel shelf. Hopefully it's a simple on/off switch and doesn't turn off every time the engine is turned off.
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