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2008 Honda Jazz: So Far, so Good?
« on: July 01, 2007, 08:16:00 PM »
With the next generation of Jazz/Fit due in a matter months, speculation is rife as to what it will look like and what will lurk under the skin. Although information is sketchy at this time, the next Honda Jazz is unlikely to be a radical departure from the Mk2 but will be updated to keep the car fresh against newer rivals.


2008 Honda JazzSince the launch of the Mk2 in 2002, many newer rivals have appeared including new versions of the Fiat Punto, Vauxhall Corsa and Toyota Yaris. Although the current Jazz is competitive against these models Honda must not rest on its laurels.

The next generation Honda Jazz is set for launch in Japan in late 2007 and is likely to go on sale in the UK in early 2008. The Jazz will keep to the Global Small Car platform of the current model which includes the innovative Magic Seat seating arrangement made possible by positioning the fuel tank under the front seats, allowing extra flexibility to cater for abnormal loads to be carried in the car.


2008 Honda JazzThis is where things get interesting! The artistís impression above shows a wide stance similar to a Fiat Grande Punto, complete with a nose similar to the 2007 CR-V. The current modelís front three-quarter window appears to be absent although the rear three-quarter window is still evident. The green car (right) takes this design a step further, with prominent wheel arches and more cohesive design.

2008 Honda Jazz In April 2007, AutoExpress magazine published Ďpicturesí (left and below right) of the new Jazz, illustrating the same basic shape but longer and taller with redesigned headlights, Lexus-style rear lights and Hondaís new grille design as seen on the new CR-V and Civic Hybrid. However, many parties including us doubt the authenticity of these images as they look suspiciously like a Photoshop enhancement of an American promotional picture of the current Jazz!

Ultimately, given the Mk2ís popularity, we reckon the Mk3 will be a 2008 Honda Jazzcareful evolution, much like the jump from Mk2 to Mk3 Renault Clio or from the Peugeot 206 to 207; although the car will be more modern in appearance and almost certainly bigger externally, it will be instantly recognizable as a Jazz but will take styling clues from the CR-V, FR-V and Civic. Even so, we are at this time treating all of these artist impressions with a degree of skepticism.

Honda Jazz test mule test mule of next Honda JazzRecently, a test mule using the body of the current Jazz was spotted at a British motorway service station, indicating that Honda was subjecting the next Jazz to in-depth testing on British roads to fine-tune the car to European tastes, no doubt spurned on by the success of Euro Civic.


Expect the existing 1.2 and 1.4-litre i-DSi engines to be carried over with little or no enhancements, although we reckon that if the Mk3 is heavier, as it will almost certainly be, then a increase in bhp should be on Hondaís list. The introduction of a 1.6-litre 110bhp i-VTEC engine - a vital hole in the Mk2ís line-up is also rumored. Of equal importance (or greater in terms of potential sales) is a smaller capacity version of the 2.2-litre i-CTDi engine from the Civic which is under development. A small diesel is crucial to the European market - the current Jazz is one of the few cars in its class to lack a diesel option. Although a hybrid version was rumored, later reports suggest this may not be a reality after all, with Honda deciding to develop a new dedicated hybrid model to slot between the Jazz and Civic.

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