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Automated handbrake
« on: August 04, 2022, 02:14:17 PM »
I previously raised the issue of the automated 'handbrake', and the potential problem using it on an upwards steep hill. I have just returned from Spain, where I was supplied with a Hired Renault Captur; manual with automated brake. Having parked in the old town, with typical old narrow streets, I found it necessary to reverse manoeuvre down a steep hill. The route of the reverse took the car towards another car, needing me to transition to forward, up the hill. This involved getting the revs and clutch engagement perfectly matched. Given I was unfamiliar with the car and have driven automatics for over twenty years, my matching was less than perfect, which clearly added to the problem.  However, historically, I had a HAND brake, and could choose when to release it, when I knew I had adequately engaged the clutch with appropriate revs.  With the automated handbrake, the car decides when to release the 'handbrake', so if the correct rev/clutch match is not in effect, the brake releases and the car goes backwards ... towards the parked car I was trying to avoid.  I found this very stressful, a number of attempts were made, each progressing towards the parked car, before (probably by seriously revving the engine before engaging the clutch more quickly) I managed to move forward.  What a horrible technology.
I suspect this would have been much easier with an automatic or my new hybrid, where I could have chosen to keep my left foot on the brake until the car was pulling forward.
As for other comments on the Captur 1.4.
1. I liked the high seating position.
2. It doesn't seem to give that much more room than the Jazz for the additional physical size.
3. The 1.4 engine was very smooth and responsive.
4. The six speed gear box was clunky, not smooth, with 1st, and sensible jump to 2nd, and then a too big jump in ratios to 3rd, then a reasonable jump to 4th with two overdrive ratios, 5 and 6.
5. The forward visibility I found to be poor, with large window pillars - but the biggest problem was the technology bulge behind below and above the rear view mirror.  I nearly took out pedestrians entering a crossing because there was a hedge up to the road (so I couldn't see their feet) and the bulge blocked my view of their bodies until very late.  I then resorted to moving my body each time I wished to check that blind area of visibility, particularly when turning right (left hand drive). Should not be necessary - they need to shrink that technology away - but even the Mk4 Jazz introduces issues in that area.
Just a few thoughts to share.


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