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Mk1 Model History
« on: August 17, 2014, 07:57:12 PM »

Launched in Japan as the Honda Fit.

Euro market Jazz revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Goes on sale in the UK 1.4 i-DSi petrol in S, SE and SE Sport specifications, all manual only.
A few cars are registered on 51 plates.

7-speed CVT automatic available on SE and SE sport specifications.


Rear suspension modified to counter early criticisms of the ride quality. Radio/cassette is replaced by radio/CD player.


S now has ABS brakes as standard
Rear drum brakes replaced by discs
Chrome interior door pulls on SE and SE Sport
SE Sport now has leather steering wheel and front fog lights
Storm Silver Metallic and Vivid Blue Pearl introduced and Clover Green Pearl dropped from the colour choices.
S model now has seat folding lever on front seats.

Facelift introduced:
New 1.2 i-DSi engine introduced. S specification no longer available with 1.4 engine.
New bumpers, lights and grille.
Changes to steering and suspension.
SE and Sport additionally come with LED indicators in the door mirrors, new style headlights, different steering wheel design, backlit instruments and new audio system design.
Sport replaces SE Sport
New colours: Alabaster Silver Metallic, Sirus Blue Metallic, Helios Yellow Pearl, Venus Orange Metallic and Macha Cream Metallic. Satin Silver Metallic, Mint Opal Green Metallic, Ice Blue Metallic and Eternal Blue Pearl now discontinued.


AUX-in now standard.


New colours added by 2007 (exact date unknown) include Blaze Orange Metallic, Black Amethyst Pearl, Sparkle Grey Pearl and Chiffon Green Metallic. Venus Orange Metallic and Macha Cream no longer available.
Production moved from Japan to China around late summer. Check VIN plate if unsure:


Production ends and new Mk2 Jazz goes on sale in October. Some Mk1s are still being registered into 2009.

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