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Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: Looking to buy first ever Jazz
« Last post by 123Drive! on Today at 09:15:07 PM »
You mean you wasted our time and effort answering enquiries about the Jazz when you should have gone to a Civic forum, Jean! Lol! Good luck with the Type-R! It's a beautiful car, and with respect to all the Jazz owners like myself, the Civic will be a great car to drive especially the Type-R.

Just remember though to get a good discount as it's end of the month. Shop around if the deal is not right and don't be afraid to go a bit further in order to get a decent deal! Remember Honda warranty covers the whole of the UK.
Oh no, Michael! Kwikfit are the worst. Three yrs ago I took my Ibiza to have a CrossClimate fitted as an emergency. They bend the back plate and when the car was moving, it made this horrible sound! What chance do you have when Kwikfit can't fit a tyre probably- it's like McDonald's making a bad Big Mac! Still I complained on Twitter and got 40 off.

I would invest a full size steel spare wheel from eBay. So if your tyre is punctured, you don't have to rush and fit what's available. The option you have now it's probably best to buy a set of good quality used winter tyres from eBay and then use them for this winter. They will definitely work better than the socks. (I brought a few used All Season tyres for my spare wheel for 10 with no repairs and 7mm thread.) And if one day your summer tyres need replacing, you can try the all seasons and sell the winter tyres back on eBay!
I put crossclimate+ tyres on mine.
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: Help please
« Last post by trevflstn on Today at 08:53:39 PM »
Thanks for the many replies and suggestions. A couple I have tried but several I have not. I do on occasions have wet dogs in the car which doesn't help but the condensation can literally be rivers running down the inside of the screen.
As far as I know all vents are clear and the AC is working so it is probably something I am doing wrong.
I'll give the suggested options a go and see how we get on
Thanks again
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: Clutch Pedal Sensor
« Last post by ColinS on Today at 08:23:19 PM »
Yes you can
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: CVT fluid level
« Last post by hugh650uk on Today at 07:44:48 PM »
Same here, when I check the car cold it seems to have more oil than it should, but when my mechanic checked it with the car warmed up, it was bang on at the top hot dot. Not to mention that the CVT Oil is almost invisible on the dip stick, so I'm alway a bit confused when checking.

Is there a proper way to check this? Cause I just do it like we check engine oil. But my mechanic had the car in gear with me stepping hard on the brake and engine running.
Leaving your car in the tender care of cowboys like quikfit is asking for a big story about your car needing new tyres all round as well as your brake pads all need replacing. However if you did drive on a flat tyre the sidewall will be ruined, but you don't really know what they found as they aim to make max profit out of each customer - especially women.  Personally I use ATS because I have found them pretty honest and they have fixed a couple of punctures at no cost - amazing.

I would check if you car has ABS based TPMS or pressure sensors in the wheels ( Honda is normally ABS but they fitted sensors in the wheels for one year in 2015). If you have pressure sensors get all season and keep same wheels on all year, otherwise twice a year you will have to get sensors reprogrammed to ECU. If you have ABS based TPMS you are at liberty to get steel rims with winter tyres on and save your alloys from ravages of winter. Winter tyres are much better than all season in snow - we have Nokian WRD3 and live in hilly Shropshire and when the beast from the east hit we were out and about an often only saw land rovers and tractors, we also saw some 4x4 without winter tyres ( they were the ones sitting there with wheels rotating but going nowhere). Try for wheel and tyre packages.
Having exactly the same problem here, I believe you have to remove the plastic trim around it and it should be just a w5w bulb to replace, but I'm avoiding going into the dash for now  :P

Let me know if you get it sorted the easy way.
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Clutch Pedal Sensor
« Last post by dogbiscuit on Today at 07:21:24 PM »
Can anyone with a manual MK3 Jazz tell me whether they can start their car with the clutch pedal fully depressed AND with a gear selected?
OK, reporting back some with results and thoughts for reference in the future....

Took the car to Kwik Fit because they were the closest to an underground station en route, and opened from 8:30am onwards.
Left key with them and they said they would call me once they did check.
3:45pm and still not heard anything from them, so I gave a call.  They said that they couldn't see any punctures, and only then asked me for more details.
Note1 : Always call them earlier to check in! Could have returned to them after work only to find they did nothing!  :o
They then agreed to lift up the car again and specifically check the valve, and call back in 15mins.  They did call, confirming a leak and they could try to repair the leak.  Cool. Quoted 27 to do this, to which I agreed. 
A few minutes later, they called again.  They took the tyre off and found a small screw INSIDE which had damaged the inner tyre.  They asked if I had driven it around a lot with a flat tyre.  I confirmed yes, and they concluded that it would therefore be beyond repair, and need a replacement.
Note2 : Always try to check into a garage ASAP if you spot a flat tyre - repair might be possible, but not after 20miles driving to a beautiful park in Surrey and back again!
So I then asked them what options I had for tyre replacements.  Having done some research, I was quite confident I knew what I wanted and the prices to expect.  8) 
Me: "So what options do I have?" expecting them to introduce all-weather or Winter tyres
Kwik Fit: Well, the only thing in stock that will fit is the Bridgestone ER370 for 120."
Me:  :o. "Nothing else?  What about the Michelin CrossClimate tyres by the door?"
KF: "They're not the right size for your car.  And you'd need to order in advance for those to be replaced four at once."
Me:  "Oh.  And how much do those cost?"
KF: "120 including fitting.  Same price as the Bridgestones."
Me: Sigh....  "OK, can't do anything about all-weather tyres now. Let's just get that tyre replaced with the Bridgestone one."
Note 3: Always do your research on contingencies IF they need to do a replacement, would that have your ideal tyre in stock?  Are you prepared to replace just one, or several at a time?

Note 4: The costs that I've seen on are only 70.  But don't forget that there are additional fees eg 15 fitting, as well as in-stock mark ups for these garages, which in my case turned out to be 35.  Are you prepared to pay that extra for immediate access?  Or are you willing to take a chance and DIY it or run on flat tyres until you're at a cheaper garage?

Note 5: If you still sticking with Kwik-Fit, you could save 15 fitting fee by ordering it online.

So, in the end, I now have a Summer tyre replaced with another summer tyre.  No change to all-weathers which I was hoping, because the garage had already ripped off my broken tyre and declared it totally unfit for re-use.  If I had stood fast with NOT replacing it and decide later, then I might still be able to decide how to replace... however, Kwik Fit scared me somewhat by saying that my tyre might blow out because the tyre's damaged, and that would make the care lose control.  Not something I want to experience in cold rainy weather!!

So what will I do about the forthcoming snowy weather predicted?  I had previously ordered from some "snow socks" that wrap around the front tyres (because that's where car's efforts are) and they will help for temporary situations.  I would have preferred to install all-weather tyres, but maybe next season.... and prepare it in advance!!!
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