Author Topic: How would you check the CVT oil  (Read 1637 times)


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How would you check the CVT oil
« on: April 02, 2024, 06:59:27 PM »

I have had a expensive mail dealer service and when I asked about the CVT oil they said that they had checked it. HOW ???

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Re: How would you check the CVT oil
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2024, 08:50:29 AM »
I'm no expert but with transmission oil there are normally two removable plugs.  One at the the bottom to drain the old oil, and one part way up the gearbox casing for  filling/topping up.  They would either inject a measured quantity  or fill until oil starts to dribble out of the hole.   By removing this filler plug they can check the oil level is satisfactory and maybe take a small sample to check the oil is still in good condition. This might  not be an objective scientific test, just a subjective check by an experienced mechanic  that the oil looks clean and doesnt feel old or gritty when rubbed between  the fingers.   Much as you might do with engine oil on the dip stick.
Or they may just have checked the cars service history as recorded on the  Honda database and found it was changed recently enough in time or mileage that its not yet due.  Or checked the oil and the service record.
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  I will fix that dripping tap.  No need to keep reminding me every 3 months.


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Re: How would you check the CVT oil
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2024, 11:52:37 AM »
Mk3 Jazz no longer has dip stick for gearbox, so the clever Honda will tell you when its low or old by a sensor.
Its part of the plan by all car manufacturers to prevent owners taking control of their vehicles.


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