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Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Lowest mileage
« Last post by Kremmen on December 07, 2023, 03:55:35 AM »
I use WhatsApp on my phone but I would never connect it to the car
Car Care & Detailing / Paint
« Last post by DJTHP on December 06, 2023, 10:26:47 PM »
Hello I'm new , just wondered is there any way of restoring faded red paint on Jazz SE idsi 04 ? My Jazz is nearly 20 years old with 94./000 on the clock . I've tried several ways including t cut and macquires. It's a real shame as it's only the metal work that is faded and almost looks pink ,I may just wrap it . Any advice anyone?
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / GD 04 Dim headlight one side.
« Last post by DJTHP on December 06, 2023, 09:38:44 PM »
Hello I'm new here. I'd like to give a little advice. Don't try replacing head light through the wheel arch .So mine went, it was dark outside and foggy . About a week or so before my parking light went and that was easy to change through the wheel arch. Now headlight was a royal pain in the back side. After fiddling about for about an hour and a half I managed to get the old H4 bulb out and new in .Put headlights on normal but the replaced one was dim .I thought I'd got a major wire problem like a bad wire or ground.Before I checked for that I thought I'd check fuse's, they were all good ,then I had no choice but to take the whole headlight off as I'm sure you all know there is no acces to it in the engine bay.So you have to first take off 3 plastic retaining rivets on the wheel arch plastic one at 12 one at 2 and one at about 5 that holds into the bottom of the bumper then there is a screw at about 2 o'clock that joins the bumper to the wing , use a decent screw driver as can be very corroded. Next there are 4 plastic retaining rivets top of the bumper where it meets the bonnet. Two 10 mm bolts at top of headlight and two at the bottom accessible once bumper is undone. Now you can do it with just one side of the bumper undone if just just changing one head light .Any way once I'd done that I discovered that after messing about doing it the other way before hand (through arch) that I'd actually bent one of the 3 legs on the H4 bulb when putting the connector back on . Bent it back reconnected it and full light was restored. I hope this helps anyone out for future reference if chasing the dreaded dim light gremlin. Normally bad ground wire , connector or bad fuse and now the very fiddly through the wheel arch way where you cant see very well or get your hand in unless your a conntortionist.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: New unknown icon on radio display screen
« Last post by Jaroon on December 06, 2023, 07:14:09 PM »
I also got a message like this. The car was low on fuel and the message showed where the nearest gasstation was.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Blind spot info system
« Last post by BobM on December 06, 2023, 04:55:47 PM »
These videos supplement the user manual


If you want to know what's behind the rear bumper see

Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Blind spot info system
« Last post by shufty on December 06, 2023, 04:36:39 PM »
In the manual, page 428:

How the system works
Radar sensors: underneath the
rear bumper corners.

...I think we've established that you can post links to manuals by now  ;D ???

As mentioned we know how it works on this model.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Blind spot info system
« Last post by Classkawa on December 06, 2023, 04:36:24 PM »
CTM setting

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Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Blind spot info system
« Last post by Classkawa on December 06, 2023, 04:35:39 PM »

I believe the OP is taking the car to the dealer . But it just occurred me if the car is an EX it should also have cross traffic monitor  , that uses similar  technology, possibly even the same radar sensors.    Is this still working?

It is an EX model LV so thanks for the heads up.  The Cross Traffic monitor says its 'ON' but not sure how I can test if it's working.
Jazzik- thanks for locating the radar sensors. I will roll underneath the back of the car tomorrow morning and see if I can see anything obvious.

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Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Lowest mileage
« Last post by embee on December 06, 2023, 04:27:26 PM »
Everyone keeps telling me I should install watsap or whatever it's called so they can contact me and send me stuff. I really don't want any sort of social meeja carp on my phone, there are enough ways for me to be monitored by "them" already.
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