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Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Any issues with electronics?
« Last post by Jazzik on May 14, 2021, 02:48:57 PM »
...even if a 4-letter guy with his 'magnetic' carmake wants to make us believe that there are no limits. 

But that guy has pushed the limits quite a bit!
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - 2020 / 1.5 Sport
« Last post by Basil on May 14, 2021, 02:25:25 PM »
Hi, I've noticed a few Mk3 Sports for sale recently and wondered what they are like, a few members seem to have them so I was just looking for some feedback really.

What are they like to drive, do they feel quick, how flexible is the engine, what's it like on fuel and insurance ? 
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Seen today
« Last post by Jocko on May 14, 2021, 01:56:40 PM »
I take it that is the road and not a parking space.
I see the white line under the car now. Looks like 4 parking spaces.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Any issues with electronics?
« Last post by Zaier on May 14, 2021, 01:09:22 PM »
After seven full months, I can tell that the electronics in this car works pretty well.
While the steering assist works perfectly on the highways, the "safety" steering assist gets confused when switching from 1 lane road (no midlane) and 2 lane road, it pulls the steering but not in a violent way, I was never surprised of the intervention, even if sometimes is a bit booring as it alarm when doing the example above.
The automatic emergency braking works very very well, it's never intrusive, sometimes you can get a false alert, but it never braked for no reason, and it already saved my front bumper one time as my daughter was confusing me.
Rear camera works well and adaptive CC too, even if sometime is a bit harsh when braking or gaining speed, at low speed in traffic is perfect.
The infotainment has never got stuck nor rebooted while in use.
The climate control is simply perfect, all I need to do is to switch it on or off as needed, adjust the temperature and activate the recirculation when an old diesel truck or van is in front of me.

The MyHonda+ app works very well in my case, but it takes a while to connect to the car when opening it.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Wing Mirror cover
« Last post by nowster on May 14, 2021, 12:51:47 PM »
I had to get a new driver's side wing mirror after some inconsiderate person crossed over the line on a rural road just after a narrow hump back bridge and our wing mirrors smashed together. They were way over the speed limit, didn't stop and it was dark. It wasn't a cheap repair!
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Wing Mirror cover
« Last post by Ozzie on May 14, 2021, 12:27:55 PM »
Can you add a photo of the covers of your door mirrors, someone here will be able to help.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Wing Mirror cover
« Last post by Joanallison on May 14, 2021, 12:23:14 PM »
I'd like some advice please. Following a close encounter with a flying tree branch, I lost the passenger side wing mirror cover. I'm struggling to get a replacement. My Jazz was registered in Feb 2013. I've had 2 replacement covers sent from 2 different companies and neither of them fit. There's nothing in the service/repair history to suggest the whole wing mirror has been replaced. I'm now wondering if the car is a 2012 model and that the wing mirror covers are different. I'm running out of ideas now and would appreciate some advice
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Electric cars
« Last post by E27006 on May 14, 2021, 11:58:19 AM »
I wonder how the real cost of the charging compares with petrol? A 100kWh battery would cost 15 to 20 to fully charge at current domestic tariffs. Free / subsidised charging will disappear as the number of electric vehicles increases.

Hybrid has a lot of potential as (i) there's the recovery of energy lost to braking and (ii) it allows the engine to spend more of its time operating under the most efficient conditions. Honda's Mk 2 Jazz hybrid was a bit half baked as both the battery (a heavy lead acid lump) and motor/generator were of limited capacity. A hybrid version of the Mk 3 Jazz is sold in some parts of the world but not here.

Are you sure about the lead acid traction battery?  Honda used exclusively  Nickel Metal hydride batteries, then Lithium ion starting with the CRZ, though early CRz cars had  Nickel metal hydride
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Seen today
« Last post by E27006 on May 14, 2021, 11:54:16 AM »
It could have broken down,  my workmate purchased a new Audi A4 DSG diesel,  the A4 was a joke,   in and out of the workshop,  in the first 6 months of ownership he was in courtesy cars for  4 months  while the some big ticket items were replaced under warranty, a  failed ECU was one of them, body panel water leaks, and the DSG transmission had excessive  shunt and backlash during gearchanges. His next car choice a diesel Jaguar, reliable but terrible  depreciation, his latest car a Volvo so far no issues.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Seen today
« Last post by Westy36 on May 14, 2021, 11:41:09 AM »
Almost looks like that pillock is in four parking spots! He's not helping the stereotype of Audi drivers.  :D 

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