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  1. The dreaded intermittent misfire issue possible injectors ?
  2. Trying to figure out which model I have
  3. Help... Lost the keys
  4. Most unusual colour
  5. New front wheel bearing, then no drive
  6. Thieves stole my catalytic converter and lambda sensors.
  7. Managed to find a rare accessory.
  8. Poor mpg.
  9. Sick Bucket diaries..
  10. Differences between 03 & 05 Jazz
  11. Brake light bulb - which one?
  12. Airbag recall. Sorted, at last
  13. P0715 error code
  14. What MPG are you getting from your Mk1 Honda Jazz ?
  15. Lambda sensor replaced when Cat converter got stolen. Now Engine Light is on
  16. What size is my fuel tank? And to know when its nearly empty?
  17. Oil and fuel on spark plug
  18. MOVED: New Brake discs and pads. selling
  19. Fitting new rear brake calipers with integral handbrake cable bracket
  20. Honda Jazz (2005) manual?
  21. New suspension
  22. Has anyone tried fitting an android tablet in their Jazz?
  23. Rear window demist issue
  24. Will this oil filter fit?
  25. New Gen1 owner here
  26. Rear bumper replacement mk1 sport?
  27. Rear axle replacement on 2004 Honda Jazz CVT
  28. Just bought a MK1 Jazz. What oil and plugs are you using?
  29. Brake bleed hose internal diamater
  30. Catalytic converter stolen from my 2003 Jazz SE Sport
  31. Lambda Sensor pre catalytic converter causing high voltage and engine light
  32. After catalytic converter replacement car is really loud when starting and accel
  33. Polished up the headlight.
  34. Grinding, whizzing Noise & stuttering
  35. Aftermarket stereo for Honda Jazz 2008 SE CVT 61KW 83HP
  36. i-DSI vs i-VTEC
  37. Fault Codes 303 and 203- Injector Circuit and Cylinder 3 Misfire
  38. Judder moving off and gear shift delay
  39. Exhaust Shield
  40. Switched auto heater controls to more common dials?
  41. Good offer.
  42. can you use a car pressure tyre monitor system in my 2005 Honda Jazz
  43. Catalytic converter blown?
  44. cvt gearbox
  45. brakes or abs
  46. Hand brake
  47. Jazz spares
  48. I've entered the Jazz club!
  49. What is the correct way to start the ignition on?
  50. E10 petrol is so not economical it seems