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  1. Thule Roof Rack Reference Numbers
  2. 0W-20 or 0W30?
  3. Flashing engine light
  4. New Alternator belt extremely tight
  5. Intermittent engine noise 1.4
  6. Where to put beam benders on the headlamps?
  7. Overheating lamp comes on on motorway driving or in heavy stop/start traffic
  8. GG6 jazz SI t 2012
  9. Bonnet sensor
  10. New wheel
  11. Accelerator issue when first start
  12. Bringing back the GE8 Fuel efficiency
  13. AC condenser 2013 Jazz si
  14. Corroded caliper piston
  15. Low compression GE6
  16. Remote Fob Programming Mode not engaging
  17. Rust
  18. Opinions on CVT noise
  19. Another spare wheel thread!
  20. Brake Pads Cost and Labour
  21. Tyres and insurance
  22. Gearbox Mount / Left Engine Mount
  23. Honda jazz 2009 jerking
  24. Wishbone / Lower Front Suspension Replacment?
  25. Trunk lock
  26. Charging battery overnight
  27. Considering Buying a Honda Jazz with a petrol engine and a manual geabox
  28. Replacing the Honda double din with an aftermarket one, some questions
  29. Newbie questions about keys and radio
  30. SpareWheel in back
  31. Driver side electric folding mirror
  32. For the Knowledgebase - Loss of power then non-starter fixed :-)
  34. air con cooling fan help
  35. Thinking bad fuel. Looking at the manual.
  36. i need advice on what to do
  37. What MPG are you getting from your Honda Jazz ?
  38. Engine fans constantly on while A/C is on
  39. Broken driver's seat adjuster
  40. Interior light bulbs
  41. Paint issue under rear reg plate
  42. Retrofit OEM cruise control
  43. Boot mat for hybrid?
  44. Stuck headlight reflector
  45. Honda jazz GE 2010 sharp metal to metal noise
  46. Folding Mirrors
  47. Automatic Jazz (2010) i-Shift System lights on & gear not engage
  48. MK2 recommendations
  49. Parcel shelf and rear seat gap?
  50. Honda Jazz IMA Hybrid battery health