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Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - 2020 / Re: Cvt gearbox
« Last post by ColinB on Today at 07:40:07 AM »
Hi everyone and thanks for letting me join 
I have a question about the cvt gearbox, when we pull up at a junction or round about, when we start to accelerate the car seem to hesitate before picking up speed, ive had the gearbox oils replaced with the correct types of oil ,but it still persists.
Oddly enough it's only when turning left ,
Any help would be greatfully received, thanks in advance 👍

If you have a 2014 car as per your profile, then itís whatís referred to on this forum as a Mk2. You might get a better response over on that part of the forum:

If itís a Mk3, then I think other CVT owners have commented about the cars being a bit sluggish on take-off (eg when trying to get into a gap at a roundabout); IIRC some have suggested using the sport mode helps. Thatís from memory, which can be fickle, mineís a manual box so I donít have the problem. Try searching the forum to find the earlier comments.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Whatcar Car of the Year 2024
« Last post by Marco1979 on Today at 06:00:00 AM »
It has the fifth generation of Toyotaís hybrid drive. Iím not very enthusiastic about it: it also charges the battery more while driving and also switches to electric mode more to use that energy, so basically it is more like Hondaís system. But: since it has no clutch, the planetary gear needs to stop and start motor and engine. This was noticeable; not smooth at all, compared to the e:hev. I test drove a Corolla hybrid and  was glad to be back in my Jazz afterwards!
Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - 2020 / Re: Cvt gearbox
« Last post by Marco1979 on Today at 05:54:03 AM »
Do you use eco mode? It might be that the software makes the response slower. Disabling eco made the car respond faster. Eco sort of made the car think for half a second before actually starting to roll.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Jazz hybrid or 1.3 cvt
« Last post by Marco1979 on Today at 05:50:25 AM »
Definitely! It is actually much simpler than the previous hybrids: no gears, no cvt, just 1 clutch and 2 electric motors.
Btw: the cvt needs regular oil changes, while the e:hev does not. So maintenance is cheaper!

When you do not need any towing capacity, the hybrid is best (0 versus 1,000 kg for the mk3 cvt).
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Jazz hybrid or 1.3 cvt
« Last post by Hman on February 29, 2024, 10:09:30 PM »
Thanks everyone for encouraging comments. I have to admit I started watching some of the videos of how the hybrid works and it seems quite complicated. Do you guys reckon this will be as reliable the previous version? Thanks
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Whatcar Car of the Year 2024
« Last post by 5thcivic on February 29, 2024, 08:19:10 PM »
The top grade is pushing near 40 grand, and presumably it is a cvt gearbox, which won't be as much fun away from traffic lights I guess? I would be prepared to pay some for that interior if it is a good as they say, particularly like the display in the dash design, rather than a tablet glued on top, but I think inside it might be more cramped, and giving up the clever Honda engine/motor design would be regrettable.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: New Crosstar's bad smell
« Last post by Teatime on February 29, 2024, 07:30:48 PM »
Sounds as if youíre coming round to continuing with the car and hoping itíll get better.

However, just in case youíre sufficiently motivated to take this further, this is a handy guide to your rights:

For example, within the 30 days you have a RIGHT to reject for a full refund: the dealer canít simply say theyíre not going to play, that would not be legal. But you do need to prove thereís a fault (the dealerís original acknowledgement of an issue and subsequent actions would be a point in your favour) but, if he disagrees, thatís where you need to get the independent report to back you up.

After the 30 days you still have rights; you lose the right to reject but can still require the dealer to repair or replace, and if he canít or wonít then you should ask for a refund (heís entitled to deduct depreciation). Again having the independent report would be essential.

Thanks Colin B, returning it has proved challenging because there's nothing to see, it's not measurable, and the dealer claimed in the end not to smell anything untoward. I'm trying a few of the suggestions made in this thread to reduce the smell, and I'm also talking to a more helpful dealer about a trade-in and (literally!) a fresh start. I'd rather pay out for a resolution than spend money instructing experts and lawyers for an uncertain outcome. I hadn't bought a new car since 2006, so I'm learning as I go along.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Transmission error Honda Jazz 2009 automatic
« Last post by NoelM on February 29, 2024, 05:52:19 PM »
Try midland Honda parts/AR Motor Works

Or phone 07368 449682
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Whatcar Car of the Year 2024
« Last post by Whiteshark on February 29, 2024, 05:44:34 PM »
Lexus LBX just been voted the above. It is clearly based on the Toyota Yaris Cross, but made much more luxurious and quieter. It is interestingly being promoted as being excellent value , compared with every report I read about the Mk 4 Jazz as being ď expensiveĒ. Not seen or driven one, but by pricing it more competitively, Lexus are clearly wanting good sales figures.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: replacement fuse also blows
« Last post by HertsHonda on February 29, 2024, 05:43:43 PM »
Being a Mk 3 owner I'm having trouble understanding the exact circuit you describing
Are the DAB and Satnav part of the Honda Infotainment System and is the Socket built in?
Or have you inserted a splitter into the wiring to power your own DAB / Satnav?
Either way - IMHO If a fuse is blowing there is probably a short circuit between the output of the fuse and the devices it protects or the device(s) have developed a fault.
Might be best to let an auto electrics or Honda dealer fix the problem.
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