Author Topic: Jazz 2008 juddering is back, I did 24000 miles after the CVT fluid flush  (Read 297 times)


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I had bad juddering, gear 1 to 2 change was rough. Moving off from stand still at a roundabout or similar was very much of lag.  After 25mph no problem car drove well.  So I looked around and found the problem with CVT gear boxes. and many people had luck with the CVT fluid change. So I took it to the local dealer got the oil change. It did improve the problem but by like 30%. After I took advice from this forum and used xado ex120. what difference problem went away 100% no issues what so ever.

Now 14 months after and  24000 miles the problem is starting to come back. nothing major. I can feel a little vibration for 1 or 2 seconds when I move off from a red light or roundabout.  SO I am thinking to change the cvt to fluid ( not flush) and then add xado ex120 again. ( I know some people add 2 tubes of ex120 but I only did 1 last time)   

I know this might not be a permanent solution but I get another 20000 miles out of I would be very happy ( this would put the car in 120k range) I know Jazzes can do a lot more but the given situation sounds like car will come to an end.  Unless of course I go get replace the start clutch which can cost about 1000 at the Honda dealer.  Any other solutions?  some other gear repair places does this job for cheaper?   Since the car is 2008 (08) plate I don't think spending that much is wise.
Thanks in advance.


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The CVT fluid should be changed every 25,000 miles so it is more or less due. Just change it and add your brew.


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