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Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Mk4 2021 Jazz Brake failure
« Last post by Spodric on Today at 10:53:16 AM »
Update - Honda Motor Europe Limited emailed me today.

My claim for extended car hire loss has been rejected. Their 2 reasons are:

1. "The extended guarantee covers a courtesy car for 72 hours and the extension of the Enterprise car hire was not approved by Honda (UK)."

I did contact Honda Assistance to try to get advance approval for extended car hire. They refused. Their reasons included (a) I should travel by train instead; and (b) they only extend the car hire beyond 72 hours if the warranty repair takes 8 hours or more. They asserted that the "brake simulator unit" repair takes only 2.1 hours. [No mention anywhere in the Honda 5 Year Care Package of this exclusion based on time allowed for repair.]   

2. "Consequential loss can only be claimed due to the failure of parts not covered by these Terms and Conditions; therefore, it is not indemnified by this policy."

Wow. That really is creative, from a legal perspective. My interpretation of the T&Cs is somewhat different.

Ironically, and inconsistently, one of Honda's original reasons for rejecting the claim being that the faulty "brake simulator unit" wasn't covered by the Warranty anyway, because it isn't a "material [or] manufacturing defect." If that was factually true, which I dispute, using Honda's most recent argument, Honda should pay / indemnify all consequential loss.

Effectively, Honda are challenging me to sue them. Gloves off.
New Members / Honda Jazz 2007 ABS Pump not reading front sensors
« Last post by Aeki on Today at 10:40:46 AM »
Hi all,
so the issue started from ABS pump, errors were
53-1 Abs pump motor relay short circuit
24-1 Left rear pulser failure
23-1 Right rear pulser failure
14-1 Left front wheel speed sensor failure
12-1 Right front wheel speed sensor failure,

Changed ABS pump with matching part number,
changed front sensors,
changed front wheel bearings,
problem still there
14-1 Left front wheel speed sensor failure
12-1 Right front wheel speed sensor failure,

both front sensors show no reading at all.

please advise, how to diagnose it myself?

Thank you

Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: A recent European trip
« Last post by Spodric on Today at 09:31:38 AM »
I've just been over to France in my mk.3 CVT. The weather was not generally very good but that's a whole different story!!
Within the capabilities of the car it performed perfectly, comfortable and quite quiet on most surfaces, and as those who travel abroad will know, the road surfaces are generally significantly better than here in the UK (as long as you keep clear of Belgium!).
Most French motorways are a delight (a few exceptions). Traffic is often very light, largely because the tolls tend to reduce demand. It is well worth checking the costs in advance (online sites can do this for you very easily). The autoroutes are mainly privately owned/run by a number of different companies and toll rates can vary substantially. There are bits in Normandy which are more expensive than others. I went from Caen to Cahors and avoided the first bit round Falaise due to cost, used D roads to Alencon then motorway down to Chatellerault. That cost me about Eu22. D road to Limoges then A20 motorway again which is free down to Brive. There are quite a lot of free sections, worth checking out as they can help avoid big towns.
As for cruise control, I use it on the motorways but frequently over-ride it as I usually let speeds drop off a bit going uphill (and you can get long steep sections) and then increase speed going downhill which helps significantly with economy. You can either do it with the +/- buttons of just cancel and go manual then re-instate when appropriate. Up to you really. I'm not a great fan of relying on "intelligent" cruise systems, I feel a driver should be actively controlling the car, but that's just my view.
I didn't log fuel economy particularly, but driving at around 60-70mph on motorways and the national 80 or 90kph on rural roads it indicated the usual mid 60's mpg which I think is admirable for a "conventional" ICE car. It gets better with warmer weather, but it was rather chilly most of the time.

Constant throttle gives better fuel economy than cruise control as you pointed out. You will go slower up inclines and faster downhill. Sticking to 80kph  / 50 mph on D roads also saves fuel.

Nowadays I only use cruise control / speed limiting when driving through those long 50 mph sections of motorway roadworks being monitored by SPECS average speed cameras. That Jazz bleep sound at 50 mph is also a handy reminder. A useful setting.

Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Jazz Crosstar, raise suspension?
« Last post by Spodric on Today at 09:19:21 AM »
More ground clearance, really?

Watch this Italian video of a Crosstar being hammered on an offroad test track, from 18:48 onwards!

Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Mk4 2021 Jazz Brake failure
« Last post by Spodric on Today at 08:59:07 AM »
Sign of the times?

Bristol Honda (part of the HSH Motor Group) has sent me an email announcing that it has added 2 new franchises - OMODA and JAECOO.

I hadn't heard of them. Google tells me that these are relatively new brands of SUV, from the Chery car maker owned by the Chinese state. Chery also has a JV manufacturing Jaguars and Land Rovers in China.

In addition to HSH's Honda, Mitsubishi*, MG and GWM franchises.

Honda beware. Honda cars (including used cars) are likely too expensive to be competitive against these Chinese imports. I agree with posters like Lord Voltermore that Honda is trading on a past reputation for reliability and low running costs, which is why it appeals mainly to the older generation in the UK. Honda doesn't seem to care about preserving that reputation. Honda is taking UK customer brand loyalty for granted.

Based on my experience of the Mk 4 Jazz, build quality and reliability seem rather average. Our previous Mk2 Jazz had zero issues during 10 years ownership (except for the Takata airbag recall). Customer relations are going down the drain. This is not going to end well.

[*Mitsubishi already having pulled out of the UK. Is Honda about to do the same?]
We waited whilst it was investigated and then confirmed that the Parking sensor, probably forward but could be back was defective now.  Possibly due to heavy rain.

Do you happen to clean your car with a high pressure washer?

I've checked the Honda manual but found nothing special, whereas Volkswagen expressly state that the parking sensors should be cleaned only shortly while keeping "enough" distance, as they might be damaged otherwise.
Has the coolant ever been changed, same for thermostat.
Any signs of leaks where parked. Dies the heater operate as normal.
Other replies have more details & good suggestions.
Not heard of this before on UK Jazz.
Thank you all for your replies.  As it continued today - including when waiting at a roundabout - called into the local Honda dealer in Clitheroe who was very helpful - especially as we lived here!   We waited whilst it was investigated and then confirmed that the Parking sensor, probably forward but could be back was defective now.  Possibly due to heavy rain.  Hmm there's been much more rain previously.  It appeared to be a known issue.  Where one sensor fails it then triggers the others to alert progressively - so it could even be the rear ones.  Will be replaced under warranty next week.
Hi Ted,

Did the garage remove the cap from the radiator and check the coolant level? (not only in the overflow)

The below ideas are from Chat GPT:

Potential Causes

Low Coolant Level: If the coolant level is low, the engine may overheat. Check the coolant reservoir and radiator when the engine is cool.
Coolant Leak: A leak in the cooling system can lead to insufficient coolant. Inspect for visible leaks or stains under the car or around the engine bay.
Thermostat Malfunction: A faulty thermostat can fail to open, preventing coolant from flowing through the engine properly.
Radiator Issues: A clogged or damaged radiator can impede coolant flow. Look for signs of clogging or external damage.
Cooling Fan Problems: The electric cooling fan may not be working correctly, which is critical for maintaining temperature at low speeds or when idling.
Water Pump Failure: A failing water pump cannot circulate coolant effectively.
Air in the Cooling System: Air pockets can prevent proper coolant circulation. This can occur after a recent coolant change or if there is a leak.
Faulty Temperature Sensor: The temperature sensor itself may be providing incorrect readings to the car's computer.
Head Gasket Issue: Though less common, a failing head gasket can cause overheating.

Diagnostic Steps

Check Coolant Level: Ensure the coolant is filled to the appropriate level in both the radiator and the coolant reservoir.
Inspect for Leaks: Look for any visible signs of coolant leaks around the engine, under the car, and on hoses.
Examine the Thermostat: If the thermostat is stuck closed, it will need to be replaced.
Test the Radiator and Fans: Check if the radiator is clogged or damaged and ensure the cooling fans operate correctly when the engine heats up.
Check the Water Pump: Look for any signs of leakage around the water pump and ensure it is circulating coolant properly.
Bleed the Cooling System: Remove any air pockets from the cooling system by bleeding it according to the manufacturer's procedure.
Check the Temperature Sensor: Verify the temperature sensor is functioning correctly with a diagnostic tool.
Look for Head Gasket Symptoms: Symptoms like white smoke from the exhaust, milky oil, or coolant loss without visible leaks can indicate head gasket issues.

Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Squeaky Clutch Pedal
« Last post by Beanbag on May 23, 2024, 06:03:30 PM »
Our original Jazz has been with us for 18 years and given sterling service without many problems.
However, yesterday , Mrs Beanbag noticed that there was a squeaking noise coming from the pedal area every time she used the clutch. I took it for a run today and she is spot on. Quite happy pulling my Morris Minors about but this is far to complicated.
Any ideas anyone? On my Minor, I would lubricate the pedal pivots and then look a a clutch Thrust Bearing,
but I do not know if a Mk1 Jazz even  has a Thrust bearing ?
At 77 too much crawling around underneath might be a bit of a chore . but any ideas please.
Thanks in advance :)
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