Author Topic: Pet Hates With Your Cars  (Read 2115 times)


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Re: Pet Hates With Your Cars
« Reply #45 on: December 24, 2022, 12:56:24 PM »
...I think you are in a select group of one!  ;D

You mean that group that (even at my age) quickly adapts to new things? :P
I had hoped and expected that group would be (much) larger than one... I am even sure it is!

It is at least two.


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Re: Pet Hates With Your Cars
« Reply #46 on: December 24, 2022, 01:16:01 PM »
Despite being 74 I would not be without my Smartphone. I don't use it for everything it can do but I use it for banking, loyalty cards, email, Whatsapp and Hive, as well as phoning and text.

Me too. My friend who hates his is now 80. He can do email - I get emails from him from time to time - but he struggles with anything else. My wife, like me 74, is a complete technophobe. She can't use any IT apart from contactless payments and turning the TV on and off.

I think there is, amongst some people, something bordering on resentment that old and essentially very simple ways of doing things have been scrapped in favour of complex information technology. Darwin might have something to say about this :)

I was interested the other day to hear a much younger person express "hatred" (yes that was the word he used) for IT. He runs an interesting You Tube car channel - High Peak Autos - and this is based largely on cars that pass through his used car business. He occasionally rants and raves about electronic handbrakes and other things.

Finally, on smartphones, I need to replace mine at some stage. This is something I am dreading - the last time I changed it took me days, weeks even, to transfer stuff to the new device and I lost a lot of stuff as well. I almost clubbed to death a person who told me it was a simple matter of connecting the 2 phones together or, even, allowing them to communicate with each other via bluetooth or some such. To validate my frustration I googled the issue and I am not alone let's say!!

In my working life I remember speaking to an IT professional about a new system being installed at work. He said that, often, the best people to speak to an IT providers are technophobes who will simply say "I want it to do this with no requirement to go on training courses or read manuals." He said that, too often, prospective purchasers of IT systems will deploy their own experts who will not accurately reflect the end user. Interesting point I thought.

Rant over - wasn't this about cars? :D


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