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Re: HV Battery indicator occasionally showing 10
« Reply #30 on: September 24, 2022, 09:32:28 AM »
Ford Escape  hybrid up to 2009 has emergency charge button to jump start HV battery from 12v system
If Honda uses jump start procedure like this and make it automatically triggered if 12v battery connected to charger when car powered off, this can explain why Kremmen see HV battery fully charged after using CTEK
But can we know if battery really charged or itís bug ?
Yes actually, on full 10 bar charged HV battery we can drive around 2-4km in town in EV mode if no A/C or heater used, or sit in standstill car and use A/C for pretty long time before ICE will start  ( we can see 10 bars after true state of charge of HV battery reach 60%) but if we going downhill with 10 bars of HV battery in B mode some small amount of energy still going in to HV battery, if that downhill road long enough we can charge our battery up to 80%.
This also happens to drivers in winter when heater used, ICE working constantly to supply heat to cabin and when driver pressing braking pedal the regeneration stores some energy even after we se 10 bars of HV battery, but most of energy goes to motor generator that spins ICE for engine braking.

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Re: HV Battery indicator occasionally showing 10
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Easily kept in the car or pocket etc.
You'll need to find a way to remind yourself to top it up every 6 months or so. If you allow it to discharge it will be ruined, and then when you need it to boost your car battery which is also discharged ...

For me remembering to keep the power bank stasrter pack   topped up (as opposed to the cars 12 v and HV battery)  is simples .I'll do  it on Birthdays ,service date  and Christmas/new year .Works out about right for  a 3 month charge.    .More worrying was  Back in January the car was unattended for nearly 3 months  when I was off globetrotting. Any longer without being driven puts the HV battery at risk . I was able to keep the  12v battery charged by using a solar  panel battery maintenance charger permanently plugged in. .   Even in the short winter days it was enough that the car started  after 10 weeks.  It met the needs but a bit of a faff for  regular use. And although it claims it wont overcharge the battery if permanently attached, I'm a bit wary if its in summer sunshine.

But some owners may  need to be  wary about the 3 month rule for the HV battery  , if for instance they overwinter in the sun, or unwell and unable to drive for a while.  Its not enough just to start the car every now and then on the driveway.     The car needs to be driven for half an hour and pass through several charge and discharge cycles at least every 3 months  to keep the HV battery  healthy.  If you cant arrange this yourself I  am not sure what the alternative may  be . They say the  HV battery cannot be charged independently of the car, and thats probably true of home chargers.  But I'd be surprised if main dealers at least dont have an expensive HV charger and the knowledge of how to connect it up.   But having to rely on a dealership  is hardly convenient.
  I will fix that dripping tap.  No need to keep reminding me every 3 months.


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