Which Mk4 Jazz do you own?

9 (3.2%)
37 (13.3%)
112 (40.1%)
Crosstar EX
72 (25.8%)
Non-UK model
18 (6.5%)
EX Style
1 (0.4%)
5 (1.8%)
13 (4.7%)
Advance Sport
9 (3.2%)
Crosstar Advance
3 (1.1%)

Total Members Voted: 261

Author Topic: Which Mk4 Jazz do you own?  (Read 64189 times)


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Re: Which Mk4 Jazz do you own?
« Reply #75 on: April 01, 2024, 09:43:29 AM »
I am one of the early adopters of the Mk4. An SR in crystal red. With the reversing camera as a dealer fit optional extra; very worthwhile. It was months before I saw another Mk4 on UK roads. They seem quite common now.

My main reservations are: I would like a higher range of adjustment for the driver's seat, which in fact is less than the seat in the Mk2, and no height adjustment for the front passenger seat. (Why?) I also deplore  the lack of a spare wheel, and no dedicated space in the boot even for a spacesaver.

Previously, I had 2 reliable Honda motorbikes, a Mk1 Civic (unfortunately, abused by previous owner, so I had to get rid) and lately we had a Mk2 Jazz that was bulletproof for reliability, and only had the Takata airbag recall. So far, the Mk4 has needed a replacement passenger side door mirror (known fault) and just last week I experienced the total brake failure catastrophe. I am so glad that I paid for the 5 year Care Package servicing and warranty extension. Because of that brake failure, I joined this forum, and put my maiden post on the brake failure thread. I felt the need for solidarity with fellow Jazz Mk4 owners, against the Honda UK apparent unwillingness to provide a comprehensive solution without quibbling.


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