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Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Selling a Jazz
« Last post by 09wukd1 on June 16, 2024, 10:54:55 PM »
Just finished my first year of driving and need to bid farewell to my Honda Jazz 2015 Mk2 1.4L CVT as I'm migrating to Asia. Currently at 37k but will probably get to just 39k before I finish (as I do 200 miles a week on average and might do a trip to Wales).

Any tips on selling a car? I know of CarWow and Facebook Marketplaces, but trying to get the best deal of course. I'm down in Reading and looking for around end of July sale. Can't sell it earlier than the 19th July.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Lets be positive about the Jazz
« Last post by Worthingmike on June 16, 2024, 07:30:19 PM »
I love my Jazz EX. I have just had it 3 years. It had done nearly 23000 miles. I have been to Italy twice with no problems. Driving 600 miles each day. We regularly got to Scotland although I now stop half way. It is 436 miles and geting old to do it in one go now.
I have had no problems with the car at all. The last service the other day they said the tracking was out. Potholes. I have just extended the guarantee for another 3 years just in case. I am very pleased geting 68 mpg. Much beter that my Volvo XC60. Every forum people have problems and complaints about their cars.  I have never been on a forum that doesent have complaints. 
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Thule Roof Rack Reference Numbers
« Last post by olduser1 on June 16, 2024, 07:21:44 PM »
Give the helpful company Ive used then for many years, The Roof Box Company tel 015396 21884
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Lets be positive about the Jazz
« Last post by JJazz on June 16, 2024, 06:13:15 PM »
I love my EX
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Mk4 2021 Jazz Brake failure
« Last post by JJazz on June 16, 2024, 06:01:02 PM »
Is it confined to any specific years?. I have EX model and my VIN has P in tenth position for model 2023. My mileage is a ridiculous 2,693, registered Nov 2022.
I carry out daily and weekly checks on my car.  Why would I wait for a warning light to illuminate before checking the oil?
My last two cars Nissan NOTEs 1.4 never needed any oil between services after covering 300, 000 between the two of them . No doubt same for many honda jazz mk 2 and 3 owners .. and you would expect mk 4to be no different . You probably loose more oil wiping the dip stick weekly if you did so . Am like Lord V just check when the screen wash is empty. Believe you have dash warning symbols for low oil level  and low oil pressure anyway.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: Rear wiper not stopping
« Last post by Jazzy2022 on June 16, 2024, 10:01:20 AM »
Are you sure your gear selector wasn't on reverse (R)? Because if its on R and front wipers are on at the same time, then the rear wiper turns on automatically.

Thatís exactly what happened. Problem solved - thank you.
Hybrid / Re: Oil change
« Last post by Paramonte on June 15, 2024, 11:33:48 PM »
Yes, I can concur

I was at a Honda dealer to make the  periodic service to the Honda Jazz Crosstar Hybrid 2022.
Asked the dealer which brands did they use as in oil changes. They said that they used a certain brand that I am not particularly found of. I asked them if they would put Castrol. They said that Castrol was actually their second option, although more expensive. I asked for Castrol, and also asked to return to me the remain of the 5 litter can, as the car takes less than 5 liters. They charged me an extortionate price, and I was surprised when they gave ne a small Castrol can with one litter of oil on figure...
Ive had my Crosstar 3 years.  I check the oil every week, and have NEVER needed to top up.  It does not appear ever to have used any oil.  Unlike my 2015 Audi A1 1.4 turbo (sold it a long time ago) which used quite a lot of oil before service 1.  That is the reason I check oil so often.  Apart from it being good practice to spot any potential issues.   8)
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