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[GD] Footwell dome lighting
« on: November 15, 2015, 08:48:23 PM »
Got that ideal from and credit to the fitfreak forum member jl0r

Warning: Before you do this mode I recommend you change the main dome light to a more energy efficient LED one, Because a normal dome Llght bulb is 10W,  extra power draw from the LED strips (0.9W x2) may blow the dome light fuse.
FYI I am using a energy saving LED festoon dome light which only draw 1W power

Get 2 x 15 LED 30cm flexible waterproof LED strips, I chose the amber colour to matching the dashboard - 99p each.
LED Strip Specifications:
View angle: 120
Working voltage: DC 12V
LED quantity: 15 LEDs
Output power: 0.9W/pcs
Working temperature: -20 to 50
Lifetime: 20,000 hrs
Waterproof: IP67
Size: 300*8mm
Also I recommend to get a LED light connector female & male plug cost only 99p for 5 pairs 
Solder a long length of  twin cable to the passenger side LED strip

Have access to your fuse box and locate the dome light connector. Please see better pictures in this post green w/ red striped wire in the upper left of the plug is the ground. You can also use spade connectors to connect the LED connector but I chose to just slide the connector wires in because I need to remove later, I can return it to factory setting without damaging the wires. Cable tie and secure to the cables that where running to the plug in the first place. The reason I used the LED connector because I attached the LED strip to the surface of the driver's side fascia closing panel, so I can still disconnect and remove the panel easily with just Disconnecting the strips with the LED connector. Please note the LED Polarity when connecting the LED connector

The location i attached my LED strips, the strips have self adhesive tape

Driver side - underneath driver's side fascia closing panel

Passenger side

Connect both strips to the other half of LED connector with a terminal block(would be a lot tidier if you can solder both strips to the connector, I use a terminal block to connect because if the LED strips become faulty I could change them quickly), cover with electrical tape to avoid any short circuit. Again please note the LED Polarity when connecting.

There is a hole underneath the fuse car compartment so you can push the terminal block up. Secure the terminal block in the fuse box with Velcro or cable tied, connect the led connector. Secure all the wires underneath the fascia. Job done and enjoy


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