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Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: 2009 mk II lifespan
« Last post by madasafish on Today at 12:50:08 PM »

will give MOT history and mileage at each MOT and any advisories
New Members / Re: Crosstar noise
« Last post by hemming on Today at 12:49:48 PM »
I cannot comment on the potential problem but understand your concern.
I would suggest that you ask your dealer to take your for a demonstration drive under instruction from you as a passenger to replicate the situation you are concerned about. If a smooth, quiet drive is achieved then ask to try the same situation again with you driving under the dealer's instructions.
You will then be able to assess if there is a problem for yourself as you will never get peace of mind by relying on a 3rd party opinion.
New Members / Re: Crosstar noise
« Last post by Kremmen on Today at 12:45:09 PM »
I think you've inadvertently answered your own question.

During your test drive did 'you' find it too noisy ?

If you're not sure get another test.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Dash Cam Hardwire Earth Point 2012 Jazz
« Last post by Kremmen on Today at 12:42:49 PM »
Got to agree.

Not an everyday tool but worth it's weight.
New Members / Re: Crosstar noise
« Last post by Derek cranage on Today at 12:24:53 PM »
Thanks, do you think the engine burst in revs was because I was playing with cruse control/ speed limiter.
When using  piggy back fuses you should avoid using any fuse slot that is related to safety  or would prevent the car from being driven should any problems arise. 

Its a good idea to buy a basic multimeter.  They have so  many uses around the home and in the car car you will soon wonder how you ever  managed without one.    8 -9 in Halfords are ok  and you can find the same design cheaper still on line.

you dont need any great electrical knowledge to use some functions .
0-20 volts DC range will allow you to check whether aa and aaa batteries  really need replacement, the  state of charge of car batteries, alternator efficiency, whether fuses are constant or ignition  (they have 2 tiny brass contacts exposed on the top so you can test for voltage without removal ) etc etc

Ohms resistance range allows you to check for continuity to find broken wires, poor electrical contacts , blown fuses, blown light bulbs, find good  earthing points etc

I have saved many pounds over the years  by detecting and fixing poor contacts  in battery consumer goods, such as torches, remote controls, wireless mouse, etc etc.  which might have otherwise been thrown away , or had batteries replaced unnecessarily.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: 2009 mk II lifespan
« Last post by nowster on Today at 12:04:23 PM »
This summer I sold my 2009 (58 plate) Mk2 Jazz to a cousin, with 143,000 miles on the clock. It had regular servicing and I'm confident that (barring him having an accident in it) it will last at least another 50,000 miles.

A well looked after high mileage Jazz can be a better bargain than a low mileage neglected one.

Things that tend to go at that age are the radiator and the air conditioning.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Give Way !
« Last post by nowster on Today at 11:56:15 AM »
It's already the case that those on wheels should give way to those on foot who are already crossing. Many don't seem to be aware of this.
New Members / Re: Crosstar noise
« Last post by nowster on Today at 11:50:52 AM »
Honestly, it's no louder than any ordinary car in foot-to-the-floor conditions.

At other times, you can barely hear the engine.
Honda Jazz Mk4 2020 - / Re: HR-V e:HEV
« Last post by Karoq on Today at 11:45:24 AM »
One of the better reviews IMO. He has obviously taken the trouble to do his research before writing, unlike many other reviewers.
i must, however, disagree with his negative points.
Lacks refinement under power and the front seats lack support
Insipid performance on anything other than low-speed urban routes

1. I can only assume that the seats in the Advance Style, which he was obviously driving, are different from the Advance that I drove (& have ordered)
I am a 6' ft 16 and a half stone lump and I found the seats were extremely comfortable and supportive, even without adjustable lumbar support. As all Honda seats I have ever used, in my 6 previous Hondas, have been.
2.He did say that he used 'Sport' mode, but I have to disagree entirely with him regarding insipid performance AS LONG AS you use 'SPORT' mode. It came very close to my 1.5 turbo DSG Karoq. which is very torquey.
 In Eco & Standard modes it is not punchy, but perfectly adequate for urban driving, even in Eco.
In cross country driving heavy traffic, during which one might need rapid overtakes be ready to flick it into 'SORT' and you will be surprised at the difference it makes (unlike his opinion) I was quite surprised when I did just that and would say it certainly is no slouch, driven with a large degree of 'verve' and accompanying ICE 'drone', which soon disappears after the overtake.
I have not driven far enough or on M way, so cannot comment on his overall MPG. I can only reiterate that on my hours drive I got 70MPG round the Bournemouth/Poole conurbation and 61 after a 4mile dual carriageway (50mph) trip + urban.
It does not pretend to be a sports car and the 'S'. in SUV must mean sports as in windsurfing etc, not sports as in sports car.
I find it interesting that an increasing number of reviewers are beating Honda's given 0-62 time of 10.9 seconds. I think driven spiritedly, the 9+seconds  quoted above is far more realistic.
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