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Creaking noise when turning wheel
« on: August 23, 2013, 03:23:27 PM »
Hello, I have just bought a 2003 Jazz 1.4SE - I didn't notice on the test drive but now it's clearly making a creaking noise when I turn the steering wheel to the left. The noise is obvious when the car is stationary or just starting to move off, but I don't hear it at normal driving speeds (? due to road noise). I took it back to the garage and they said there is nothing to worry about but they don't want to strip down the steering components on a 10-year-old car. They will take the car back if I'm not happy. It has done only 52,500 miles and has full service history (the last 6 years at the garage where I bought it). If I keep the car there is a 3-month warranty.
Can anyone advise me about what might be causing the creaking noise to help me decide if it's ok to ignore?
Many thanks.


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Re: Creaking noise when turning wheel
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2013, 03:39:34 PM »
Mine is a bit creaky too, but rides fine and handle ok. I think my drop links have seen better days, so I might replace them before the next mot.
Other areas to investigate might be the top mounts for the struts, I believe this is a known issue, where the rubber washers perish. Springs, shock absorbers, wishbones, engine mounts, etc. It's all probably a bit tired after 10 years.
If you are unsure, why not take it to a different mechanic you trust and ask for their opinion. If they come up with some nasties take it back to the dealer.
There are some 'trace that noise' videos on youtube, that might help you locate the source of your problems too.


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