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Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Navi CVT.......
« Last post by JazzandJag on Today at 12:45:45 PM »
Collected the Jazz Sport Navi CVT yesterday. First impressions are very good. It drives very well and the LED headlamps look very nice but I have yet to try them in the dark. However the foglights are halogen!  The gloss black wheels not only look good but I shall worry far less about them than the diamond cut ones on my previous EX. Still getting used to not having keyless entry and climate control and I may investigate aftermarket reverse cameras if in a week or two I consider one a necessity.

On the road all worries about lack of initial acceleration when pulling out etc have gone and in contrast you sometimes have to be careful not to trigger the traction control if it is damp. Overall I am delighted with the car and the sales experience with Listers Honda Solihull
New Members / New member and new Jazz CVT
« Last post by Mankie on Today at 11:54:48 AM »
Hi all, got my new grey EX 1.3 CVT two days ago and very pleased with it, lots of luverly tech to play with  :P 
Been driving automatics for many years now as my left knee aches a lot after a drive around town in a manual and it's one less distraction when finding my way around a strange town.  An Essex boy for the first 65 years and now a 'blow in' for 6 years in Norn Iron.  Had a couple of Nissan cvts in the past and they were good, (Berlingo dsg ok apart from the 2nd to 3rd head jerk for all on board 8)) so knew what to expect and if anything it's better than the Nissans.  I like the cinema style lifting seat squabs in the back - easier to get my friend's folding wheelchair in there than in the boot.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Now I have seen it all.
« Last post by peteo48 on Today at 11:16:49 AM »
That car parked on the pavement made me laugh. There is a Toyota Yaris near us who parks the whole car on the pavement. It's never been booked from what I can see.

Puts my auto idle stop brake light conundrum in a CVT into some sort of perspective!
My old Triumph 2000 used to dim the brake lights when the side lights were on.  I wonder why that never caught on?
My Austin 1800 was exactly the same. It must have been a BL thing.
I think you're right, it was called rust, the earth returns were so poor that when you turned anything on the lights dimmed  ;D
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Now I have seen it all.
« Last post by hemming on Today at 10:57:00 AM »
On a weekly visit to the supermarket yesterday there was a large white Mercedes van parked over 2 spaces with the engine running but no sign of a driver. On coming out half an hour later it was still there and the  engine was still running. I told someone who had just arrived and was looking questioningly at the van that I was going to turn the engine off. Having got to the van door I looked in and found the driver, apparently fast asleep led across the front seats! I "accidentally" gave the door a slam and as I was getting into my car the van roared off.
I suppose that the driver's actions were preferable to driving and feeling tired at the wheel - but, with this in mind, should I have let him sleep on??
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Now I have seen it all.
« Last post by culzean on Today at 10:44:35 AM »
There are just too many distractions today for drivers,  and 'time pressure' should often be translated as 'lack of planning' (or laziness),  has anyone else ever noticed that the same people turn up late all the time and it is always 'bad traffic' where someone from the same area turns up early.  I had a boss who made it a point of honour to turn up as late as he could for flights,  he was a right pain in the ass to travel with as he inconvenienced you and everybody else just to satisfy his ego.

Having said that,  car park spaces are pretty much always too narrow,  with barely 6" each side of the car on some parks,  how you are supposed to get in and out of car is a mystery.

Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Now I have seen it all.
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 10:01:26 AM »
How's this for a bit of thoughtful parking from a driving instructor? Well at least he kept off the double yellows!

Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Now I have seen it all.
« Last post by auntyneddy on Today at 08:59:25 AM »
Over the years there has been a steady deterioation  in driving standards and the lack of responsibility shown by many drivers. I suspect the person in such a tearing hurry was a builder on his way to work. These were the group who I had most trouble with.
Locally, parked on the approach to a pedestrian crossing well within the chevrons, which is on a bend and junction was a local driving school car.  The instructor was  talking to a police officer. NO he wasn't being ticked off, nor being booked they were laughing and joking about an unfortunate person nearby. How do I know, they made no attempt to lower the volume.
The local police are always bemoaning the fact that they are unacceptably busy but how is it they can find time to do their shopping in Tescos. Yes, the old moan, in my days!!!!! it was a discipline offence.
Yesterday I drove over to the south side of Edinburgh, and then in and back out of the city centre, and was amazed and gratified to see how few of the Edinburgh drivers sat with their brakes on at traffic lights. About 80% put their handbrakes on. Mind you, being canny Scots they probably didn't want to wear the bulbs out.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Now I have seen it all.
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 07:11:20 AM »
Now I have seen it all. This morning, I saw a car parked on a light controlled pedestrian crossing while the driver went across the road to the shop. Not on the chevrons, which is really quite common, but the kn*bhead had parked right across the crossing itself! The thing is, apart from 20' of yellow lines before the chevrons there is 50 yards of empty and unrestricted parking either side of the crossing.
My brothers phrase, while he was a serving police officer and saw something like that was, "I wish I was driving the company car".
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